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Recent Vinyl Finds

Started by Head Gardener, March 12, 2013, 05:50:30 PM

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Head Gardener

I took a trip north of Montrose today with mixed blessings, a few charity shop finds and a recycle depot that was a chaotic mess,
however some things rose to the surface but I got pretty mucky in the process.

Nice 70's jazz guitar compilation which was in an Arabic (?) poly-lined outer sleeve, any info on what it actually says appreciated!

White label test pressing for a release that was only ever available as a free promotional cassette tape in 1987,
a copy of the tape cover was inside the plain sleeve. The Inter-City train story narrated by Sir Michael Hordern.

The outer cover was tatty but the disc is playable enough and what a beautiful thing it is too!


Private pressing of a 12" with an experimental electronic vibe, couldn't find much out about the artist Dominic White even on Discogs.

Four track 12" by The Horrors includes a steady cover of Suffragette City.


Old Trad Jazz LP in a daft cover from 1961.

The cover had some light damage but the record is OK, thankfully Evel doesn't sing on it.


OK, I wouldn't call it a "find" but the new vinyl of the White Stripes' White Blood Cells came out today and it's great. Sounds lovely.


Was in a 2nd hand record shop on Thursday, the guy behind the counter noticed I was picking out Jazz stuff and asked if I want to see what's just come in from a big collector. Whaps out three huge piles of near-mint Blue Note, Riverside, Impulse and all sorts of 60s/70s gems. If I'd had the time/budget I'd still be there now looking through it.
Came away with Charlie Byrd Trio - Byrd at the Gate, Bill Evans - Explorations and Herbie Hancock - My Point of View.
Roll on next pay day and hopefully there'll still be something left, although they've put the word out on social media so it'll likely be thinned out by then. 

Head Gardener

Bit of a long shot for my friends in the north but today I'm doing a record fair in a pub in Milton Keynes for the first time in years. I've got so much stuff to get rid of including hundreds of CDs and singles for a pound a pop (6 for a fiver) so if you're anywhere near the middle of England come and say hi! AND claim a FREE exclusive limited edition mix CD (I've only got ten to give away so come early).

Pauline Walnuts

Milton Keynes? The North?

Ya soft southern jessie.

Head Gardener

Quote from: OnlyRegisteredSoICanRead on October 31, 2021, 11:30:23 AM
Milton Keynes? The North?

Ya soft southern jessie.
I was meaning my Scottish friends, I'm only visiting the south for a few days


At a charity shop today I got the following for 15 quid for the lot:

The Jam - Sound Affects, The Gift, Dig the New Breed, Setting Sons
Style Council - Our Favourite Shop
The Beatles - Help, 1967-1970
Blondie - Parallel Lines
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack, Night at the Opera, Greatest Hits

If I had been there a few minutes earlier I would have got In The City and All Mod Cons as well

Some of the covers are battered and water-warped but they all play well so far so fuck me what a bargain

Head Gardener

Albums that have been working their way from fairs and boots and charity shops to my turntable these past few weeks.

Pretty nice space/prog rock from the mid 70's inspired by the book of the same name.

listen to the whole thing:

Happy to pay a fiver for this, I think I've only ever seen it on CD before.

you know it off by heart now:

Covering all bases this is lovely original English pressing of an Irish folk album in an American sleeve.

Christian folk inspired by Des O'Hare's book 'In The Begginin Wuz The Werd' and other Liverpool tales, calm down, calm down.

Sadly this is not the legendary Captain Marryat album also on the Thor label which released around the same time as this one by a less exciting Scottish folk duo.

Still not sure quite what I'll do with this Cuban poetry compilation.

The shirts! the flares! the lettering! the cover versions!

I have a few car maintenance singles but this is the first album I've come across, it came in a plain sleeve.

I bought this weird Dutch double album in a fantastic fold-out sleeve from DJ Food at the Groovy Fayre a few weeks ago and only just got round
to listening to it, I wish the music was as bizarre as the artwork as it's pretty dull to be honest, that's probably why he sold it for a couple of quid...


Not sure if worth its own thread but an interesting article on the current vinyl manufacturing crunch.
If the record for a band you like is 5 months behind the digital release it's Adele's fault, basically.


Spotted by my mum in a charity shop today. NEVER seen vinyl displayed like that before...

Head Gardener

50p well spent in Barnard's this afternoon


Beautiful. Two Margarines is just one of the greatest things ever.

Head Gardener

I won a box of albums in an auction last week for £26 but I took the majority straight to a charity shop as there was a lot of pop and country, but for some bizarre reason there was a whole batch of 'teach yourself drums' albums. All US pressings and mostly for Jazzers but they stand up as great albums to listen to in their own right, I was only slightly disappointed there wasn't more commentary on some as I might have been able to sample some of that, tis but a minor quibble as most have great sleeves and booklets and I had never seen any of them before.


Again, my "finds" are never obscure but make me happy. Today I came home with
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
David Lee Roth - Skyscraper
Dexy's - Too Rye Ay
ABC - The Lexicon of Love
Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um
Freddie Hubbard - Hub-Tones

And I have Sonny Rollins with Oliver Nelson play "Alfie" on its way.