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Last tune you played 5 times in a row

Started by Rocket Surgery, December 30, 2017, 07:38:45 AM

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uMshini Wam by Tboy Daflame

That Political Gqom playlist is fire. Best thing I've heard in yonks.


HTRK - Gilbert and George

New album isn't clicking with me yet but I really like this closer.

Johnny Foreigner

Lars Hug - Elsker dig for evigt

Heard this in a Danish bar. The girl-friend loves it, as do I. A powerful synth ballad with a touch of new wave, apparently quite well-known in Denmark. If we were ever to get married, we would probably choose this for our wedding song.



I was in a pub last Tuesday and I was beguiled by this song. Thanks to Shazam I found out what it was, came home and bought both EPs by them and have been listening to little else.

They're like Tame Impala if they could walk the walk or Lemon Twigs if they remembered to take their medication. They're also all about 12 and have awful hair.


The chorus on this is so dreamy.
Also liking from them as well.

Is always disappointing though when you find a song or two you love but find the rest of the bands output a bit meh.


An Adam Woods cover of Joining the Plankton from a Cardiacs tribute album. It sounds nothing like the original.

Dirty Boy

Original's Wild Thing innit? or Dizzy.

The Mikrokosmos cover of Is This The Life on the main disc is likely my favourite thing on there, i might have played that five times when i first heard it.

NattyDread 2

Heard this on the radio from another room and thought it was early Funkadelic or something. Total belter.  Maybe it's well known but I'd no idea the 'Chocolate Rain' guy had done anything else. This is a solid bit of funk.

Stoneage Dinosaurs

Quote from: Dirty Boy on October 16, 2021, 04:33:22 AM
Original's Wild Thing innit? or Dizzy.

The Mikrokosmos cover of Is This The Life on the main disc is likely my favourite thing on there, i might have played that five times when i first heard it.

I think my faves are a three way tie between Bill Drake's Savour, Stars In Battledress 's Foundling, and the Steven Wilson Stoneage Dinosaurs, all though that might be because those are all some of my favourite Cardiacs/Tim songs.

And yeah, probably is a bit of Wild Thing in JTP, Tim's clearly a fan of it given that he quotes it in both It's a Lovely Day and Dergo.

Anyway, keeping things in largely in the same vein, my answer is the Spratleys tune Don't You Ail, Flash The Sea To Steam. Just a big rollicking barnstormer of a tune that just gets me grinning from ear to ear whenever I put it on.

Dirty Boy

Oooh yeah, that reminds me that i have genuinely been listening to that song Klog they did for a radio session a couple of years ago again and again (maybe not 5 times though, surely no one plays something 5 times in a row unless it's mad short. This thread is full of liars).

Can't wait for any more new material, but i'm not sure what's happened with the recording. I know Jo Spratley has been ill, but hopefully she's ok now.

Good choice with Don't You Ail btw, a brainworm that one particuarly the guitar solo and the bit after where they all go WOO!




This tune, Hey (Hey Hey) by Still Depths, is kind of stupid and great:

Pauline Walnuts

Quote from: Poobum on October 18, 2021, 05:59:23 PM
Scripture by Eartheater. Fucking hell they're so awesome.


"You can be beautiful and talented!" - Eartheater the other day.

Dr Syntax Head

Bit old an that but I've been on a major Beta Band nostalgia trip (what's with this font?) lately and I'm ashamed to say I've not explored Steve Mason solo stuff before this week. I have played the song Never be alone a lot, it's mega simple and Mason by numbers but I fucking love it's naivety, it's pure and lovely. Actually his whole solo catalogue is as good as the Beta Band in my stupid opinion

Dr Syntax Head

Also my bass player keeps playing loads of orchestral post rock at me and because I used to love post rock he reckons I'll love it but I don't. I hate it's forced emotion and melancholy over earnest seriousness. But I don't say that obvs, I pretend to like the process and production. Several dead nuns