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Cab Men II: Because fact into doubt won't go

Started by Fambo Number Mive, March 29, 2018, 09:48:16 AM

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Quote from: mothman on November 09, 2021, 09:15:05 PM
And I haven't seen the John Lewis advert on TV at all? Or has it not been officially released on TV..?

The John Lewis ad is terrible. Seems really long and boring and a rip off of The Snowman substituting said snowman for a spaceship and alien - except they don't even go for a fly around. I can't even remember what the pay off is.

Is the one playing the alien famous? They look familiar. Full disclosure - I can't be arsed to go and check.


I do Whamageddon with the John Lewis ad, see how long I can manage to avoid it (easy enough if you don't watch TV channels with ads, but I do, so I don't usually make it past the first week after it's out.) A few years back my then boss made a big thing of getting everyone into the office on the day it came out so they could all watch it on his computer. A grown man in his late 30s. Unbelievable. Think it was the year with the paedophile on the moon one so it was even worse.


It's quite incredible how bland the JL is this year. I mean, they're not avant-garde filmmaking at the best of times, but there was a point at which they were a surprise and even, yes, could tug at the heart-strings a teensy little bit. Compared to the 2021 one, anyway. It's like a committee sat down to concoct the most archetypal JL Xmas ad ever. I suspect it's intended to represent a "back to the classics" foray after a few more experimental years (which lots of people probably complained about and said they wanted proper old-fashioned JL ads again).

The gammons have even complained about the human child being non-white for fuck's sake. Presumably in 2016 (the dog on the trampoline one) when the main family were all black, none of them noticed because they were too busy celebrating the election of a racist US president, and the Brexit vote! I guess a human-alien romance isn't miscegenation if both species are the same colour...


JL ad is some proper half-arsed, cheap looking shit. And look, it wasn't even an original choice of slowed-down pop classic -

The utter deso of claiming they pinched your song idea. Not really how it works, lads. Fuck sake, you could bash off uke versions of the best of the 80s in an afternoon and hold the high street to ransom from now til kingdom come.

I just keep repeating "Edamame beans" from the Deliveroo ad.


Quote from: mothman on November 09, 2021, 09:15:05 PM
I find myself rather liking the Lidl Christmas advert. There's something almost anarchic about it. And lots of little details to notice each time I see it - if I'm able; it flies by a bit fast.

Blimey, not only a tolerable advert, but a tolerable Christmas advert, unprecedented.


Yeah, it's great.

Or maybe just genuinely good and there are precious few ads like that around. I think that about a lot of TV these days.


Sure a lot of the ads from the past year, especially last Christmas, were very... worthy... but it's quite dispiriting how quickly the retailers have reverted to type. Sure, pile in and buy stuff you can't afford, stocks maintained by our staff on minimum wage, we'll not let them wear masks in case it makes anyone uncomfortable (you'll all be ignoring the wear-masks-if-you-prefer signs, of course). CHRISTMAS IS BACK, one ad said.

Much as I yearn to, well, yearn to see these cunts put up against the wall, I know a lot of other underserving people would have to die first before that'll happen...

Quote from: confettiinmyhair on November 11, 2021, 09:33:29 PM
I just keep repeating "Edamame beans" from the Deliveroo ad.

"Chocolate macha brownie!" *chuckles and shakes head*


I know ad music (particularly breathy covers) is a common discussion but does anyone else think the use of pre-existing music has increased massively in the last few years? Obviously it's been a thing for a long time now but virtually every other ad has either the original or a cover now. I've just watched a commercial break with about 6 ads and there was a breathy cover of 99 Red Balloons, some Billy Eilish (I think) song and something else I've forgotten. It just seems like there's far more than there used to be.


I think a couple of decades ago if you wanted to use a well-known song in your ad you were either refused permission at any cost or the costs were too high so nobody bothered, but since mp3 killed the music business its become cheaper to licence music because they want all the money they can get.


QuoteThe Portraits, meanwhile, are now releasing a follow-up Christmas single, a cover in a very similar orchestral and choral style, this time of Ed Sheeran's Photograph.


I guess the John Lewis music is moving along from desolate acoustic cover versions to desolate electronic cover versions, so we should be grateful for small mercies. A lot of the poignant cover versions in recent years are of people who are still very rich, so it's not as if they need the money (e.g. Elton John, Beatles, Queen)[nb]Although do they still own their own publishing?[/nb], but maybe Phil Oakey is less well off and grateful of any cover version income to finance another Human League album. Also, John Lewis ads are aimed at older people who don't want anything new and just want to keep shopping in the same store for the same things forever.


KFC, Waitrose and EE are all using a variation of that "Merry merry merry merry Christmas" song for their Xmas ads. Should be bloody rules about only one advert per Christmas dirge so we don't get subjected to it 3 times every ad break.


I've just seen a Nintendo ad with an old man telling his granddaughter how he remembers playing Mariokart with her mum when she was a child. I feel about a hundred years old.