The quality of writing on the BBC News website

Started by Noonling, July 24, 2019, 07:37:42 AM

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Norton Canes

Small beer I know, but one of the short headlines on the BBC News landing page is "Wait, what's this Trump Ukraine story about?"

New page hardly worth it sorry


Imagined audience of BBC news website: cool 19 year old on a skateboard who pulls up at the side of the skatepark to check the latest news on his cool new newfangled smartphone, says "cowabunga" and then skates off into the middle distance

Real audience of BBC news website: 70-something Nazi who occasionally takes a break from reading the BBC news website or machine gunning brown people to wipe the froth from his rabid mouth


Heard a 70 year old say to his wife in M&S "wait! What's this Trump Ukraine story about...ummm...ho? Wicked"


I'll just leave this here.

Quote from: the BBC News websiteJason Donovan tackles 'neighbour's' fire in pants


Quote from: Buelligan on October 02, 2019, 04:48:28 PM
Jason Donovan tackles 'neighbour's' fire in pants

Well if he will move in next door to a liar.

Gurke and Hare

From the gossip column section on the football pages:

QuoteFormer Liverpool defender Glen Johnson has urged Tottenham's 26-year-old England striker Harry Kane should leave the north London club and look to sign for Manchester City, says former Liverpool and Chelsea defender Glen Johnson.


Sebastian Cobb

QuoteA seven-day long strike at a Merseyside postal depot is today over after Royal Mail bosses took the case to the High Court in London.

Posties at the Bootle and Seaforth delivery office on Trinity Industrial Estate this morning reluctantly returned to work following the week-long walkout.

The dispute surfaced following an allegation that a female manager made a racist or Islamophobic comment to a popular Muslim worker.

BBC had nothing:


scroll to bottom. Why would I send a message to the BBC asking about them about this? or is this a new 'reporting on demand' service.


QuoteAn increasingly anxious man undergoes a verbal test conducted by his supervisor at the Tyrell Corporation

No. Nope. Nuh uh. 


And I've just seen - but didn't click on - an article with the title Where Plastic Outnumbers Fish by Seven to One.

What's that in the ocean?

Seven plastics and a fish.


Where incompetency runs through the veins if everyone in the beige office


On the very bottom of front page of the BBC site there's a section titled BBC iplayer: Wasted on Some. None of the programmes it's plugging underneath have this title. Presumably it's a reference to something but it just looks like the passive-aggressive sub editor was on duty today.

Small Man Big Horse

I'm so confused by the site today, the following is some of their top stories:

The first five being quite understandable, but the final one is as mundane and dull as it sounds and I've no idea why it's on the site at all, let alone the front page.

Dr Rock

'Cast me aside like some Gremlin' isn't a phrase. Not the BBC's fault for picking it out though.



QuoteShe warns me the bees do occasionally sting. I'm not worried, I say.

At that exact moment I feel a sour burning sensation on the fleshy part of my hand. I look down and see two barbs hanging out of my thumb. There are motes of blood at the point of each.

Thick cunt.

Norton Canes

Apart from the quality of the writing, what's with even the shortest sentences being on separate lines?

Why do they do it?



I think they should start adding the bolded subheadings between paragraphs like the Sun does.





I am amazed how disorientating it is, how overwhelming and terrifying.

I stumble after Sarah.

We run back into the nursery and into a potting shed.

She slams the door shut and we both pause.

No more buzzing. Phew!

We stand together in the cool gloom, just panting.

Then we laugh.

That's like an intermediate primary school story book

Edit sorry no with those big words in the first sentence it's clearly advanced for girly swots



You'll never guess what his wife's name is?!

QuoteJustin Rowlatt and his wife Bee

from this sub-toddler vomit


Virginia Woolf: Prince Andrew raped me in the ass like some gremlings.


QuoteThe surprising history of the classic Hiroshima dish full of lavish toppings.

And presumably covered with delicious fillings.


It's probably the vagina dentata print on her smashing blouse.