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Inside No 9 - series 6

Started by Vroomo, November 19, 2020, 06:54:00 PM

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Tony Tony Tony

Quote from: Malcy on May 07, 2021, 03:45:14 PM

British Comedy guide posted all these and said there are new Podcast episodes. Must be the 2 covering old episodes as I don't remember hearing them.

Yep just checked them out on BBC sounds. There are two covering previous eps The Riddle of the Sphinx and A Quiet Night In by going through some viewer questions. The previous ones were broadcast right after each episode aired. Here's hoping they do the same for the new series.


They did a Twitter poll to decide which three episodes to do a few weeks back. Was annoyed Dead Line didn't win as that would have been an interesting podcast. They've just put up the final one for 12 Days of Christine.


They did a treasure hunt online yesterday - clues led to the social media of guest stars and old characters from the show and ended up at the official Line of Duty twitter.  Anyway, each clue was a letter and  if you  bang "HEIST" into iPlayer you'll get an exclusive clip with an intro from Steve and Reece.


Forgot about the BFI thing but apparently they're interested in doing a stage show at some point.



Watched this on a preview, assuming that this was Steve behind the mask and that he was playing two characters. Discombobulating to say the least to discover I'd been watching Kevin Bishop the whole time.


Purple Toupee

Utter Shit



That's the forum I go on!!!

(shrugs from partner)

Tony Tony Tony

As it happens yes we are loving it


Bit silly this innit like.

Autopsy Turvey



Dr Marbles

This is the first time a forum I'm a member of has been mentioned on the telly since that Panorama on child abuse.

Ballad of Ballard Berkley

Hi Reece!

That reference made me feel rather proud. I get the impression that it was done with a certain amount of grudging affection.

* "Go on, say something about standing proud."


I wonder if Reece has read the thread about the guy who gotten NONCE tattooed on his forehead. Could be a good idea for a future episode.


Didnt cop the reference but I'm loving the puns.


Ok to be fair to them I DO love this.


Hehe, that CaB mention was a jaw-dropper

Fanx Reece xxx


Didn't realise this was on, did I get a shoutout?!?!


They nicked my "my wife" punchlines - Genoa and Alaska! Wish I'd thought of Chicago though.


Best 30 minutes of tv since this time series 2 episode 2. Great sound design, lovely masks and likeable characters

Wet Blanket

Didn't really understand any of it but loved the pun work. Ten out of ten.

Who was
Spoiler alert
Arlocchino's cartwheeling twin
at the end, there?  Is that a commedia dell'arte thing?


Quote from: Wet Blanket on May 10, 2021, 10:06:07 PM
Didn't really understand any of it but loved the pun work. Ten out of ten.

Comedia del'arte style


Holy shit rewound and caught the reference.



Great fun. God knows what you'd think if that was the first episode you'd ever seen.