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5A 5A 5APE?

Started by falafel, November 29, 2020, 07:39:02 AM

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What's our theme (only vote if you're participating, check thread for details)?

Soundtrack a feature-length film (each participant gets a segment)
1 (4.3%)
Soundtrack a series / set of short films or cartoons (one per participant)
0 (0%)
Radio times listings
7 (30.4%)
Voynich Manuscript
1 (4.3%)
Garden of Earthly Delights
9 (39.1%)
5 (21.7%)
Derke: Music Inspired by TV's 'Derek'
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 23

Rich Uncle Skeleton

A new page,  a new rich uncle skeleton.

Beagle 2

Evening pop pickers, my song is done now pending any last tweaks once I've slept on it. Should be over to you by the end of tomorrow, NoSleep.


Quote from: NoSleep on June 28, 2021, 10:36:43 AM

1. Viero_Berlotti (5:28)

2. greencalx (3.01)

3. RenegadeScrew (4.03)

4. QtheRaider (4.25)

5. Ray Travez (5.05)

6. gabrielconroy (4.16)

7. purlieu (5.58)


viii PlanktonSideburns (6.17) but still waiting for finalised version.

ix Mine's nearing completion, too (5.20)

(that's 43m48s so far)

Add Beagle2 and Phil A to the list.

Not counting my own track, which is still a work in progress, we have 10 tracks totalling 46m 30s.
I'm not quite sure how many we're left waiting for or if anyone else is going to join in (that's still possible); that's probably around half of us finished. Anybody near to finishing their track? I can wait for a little longer before I draw the line on "volume 1". Anyone up for doing the artwork? I would have asked HCLW/Ziggy Starbucks (he worked on most of the earlier albums, apart from the last album, which done by the) if he was still on the forum but he appears to be MIA. Maybe the will step up again, as the artwork for the last album was great (as was the job he did on redecorating our bandcamp page).

Beagle 2


Damn, I've been so otherwise busy that I haven't looked at this for a while. Will get back to you.


Just reviewed the situation and no change from my last update in August. Nice to know we're our usual consistent slow.

Petey Pate

I... er... um... no comment...