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Star Trek: Prodigy

Started by Malcy, February 25, 2021, 01:43:21 AM

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Quote from: Lemming on November 11, 2021, 11:46:06 PM
Not yet, too petrified. The positive reviews people are giving are heartening, but at the same time, watching any new Star Trek production at this point feels like being Charlie Brown and having Lucy pull the football away from you.

The promise of seeing holo-Janeway keeps making me nearly give in and watch it though.

Don't watch it. I mean, do what you like but it's just... dogshit. To the extent that I'm genuinely shaken by it. It's Star Trek's Derek. A moment far beyond redemption, decades of goodwill no longer at its aid.

That it doesn't feel remotely like Star Trek doesn't trouble me as much as I'd have thought; it merely bewilders. Star Trek always needed to take bigger risks and wanting the Delta Quadrant to be a bit more visually alien was always a valid criticism of Voyager. So I'd praise them for originality... except they've displayed so little. They've just cobbled together a lot of breathless nonsense that tonally feels very, very, very, very, very much like a Star Wars production (droids in cloaks, the naming convention, the score, young proteges, chosen ones), a little bit like Avatar (blue people, not air bender), and so much like Brats of the Lost Nebula (in story as well as character design) that the Jim Henson Company should consider legal action.

It's like the producers went "what can we rip off? Anything but Star Trek, of course, even though we've paid to rip that off. I mean Star Trek's for nerds, not cool people like us!" Fucking bizarre.

They crossed the 180 line multiple times when the girl one was talking to Snoke. Not sure how you manage that when doing animation. Maybe they thought it was stylish?

"I'm Hologram Janeway."

Hologram Janeway. What a clever name. What a clever line. Kate Mulgrew must be relishing such a wonderful script.

Sigh. Well. It doesn't wreck anything major in terms of continuity, and actually expands the painting for once. Albeit right out of the frame and into someone else's art gallery. I like the idea that life continues in the D-Quad.

Can anything be about our collective, societal success any more? Even Discovery is about individual rebels fighting the power. Maybe every generation gets the Star Trek it deserves.

What dreck. I'm embarrassed to have taken it seriously for even a moment.


Thanks, you've just given me the strength to stay away from it. I did fear a Star Wars sort of vibe from it when I saw the first artwork.

I didn't know it took place in the Delta Quadrant, though! How did a Medusan get there?

Camp Tramp

I like Janeway but I hate Voyager. Must be done to Kate Mulgrew's portrayal?


Quote from: Camp Tramp on November 12, 2021, 11:04:32 PM
I like Janeway but I hate Voyager. Must be done to Kate Mulgrew's portrayal?

I like Voyager but it's the fourth best series imho; Mulgrew  certainly brings a huge lot to it - a real touch of class in the Patrick Stewart vain. Tim Russ, Jeri Ryan, and Robert Picardo are hardly dead weight, mind you.

Mulgrew doesn't save Prodigy alas and her character's presence actually feels a bit incongruous. But only aesthetically incongruous because the Brats of the Lost Nebula gang were mentored by a hologram too.


Quote from: Lemming on November 12, 2021, 10:31:27 PM
I didn't know it took place in the Delta Quadrant, though! How did a Medusan get there?

We don't know yet. They might be willfully intriguing us or they might have just fucked up.

There's also a
Spoiler alert
in the main cast (who speaks in the third person like that lad from Guardians of the Galaxy even though
Spoiler alert
don't usually do that; maybe he's brain damaged?) and we get a sighting of
Spoiler alert
Lurian who may in fact be Morn
. Yes, in the Delta Quadrant.

I think the story will involve some
Spoiler alert
slipstream technology or similar, connecting the Alpha and Delta Quadrants
though this is speculation on my part. I don't mind that story idea too much, though the desire to zoom all over the galaxy at Ludicrous Speed is a bit narratively unrestrained and Marvel-inspired for my liking (see also the red angel lights or whatever they were going on in Season 2 of Disco). Hardly their worst sin though.


I think I might have inadvertently shut this conversation down by being so negative. If people like the show and want to talk about it, you definitely should! Sorry I was a downer about it.

I'm going to watch Episode 2. Posters in this thread make it sound better than the first one. I like the sound of a vehicle replicator. If it is what I assume it is, it sounds like one of those good Trek ideas they never did. Like, how about installing medical tricorder components into the sickbay doors so that the EMH knows right away what's wrong with you? Looking forward to seeing that.

Even though I disliked what I saw of Prodigy so far, I'll say I'm at least interested to see a bit more now. I didn't hate Lower Decks after seeing one episode[nb],81433.msg4690932.html#msg4690932[/nb] but I am yet to bother watching more of that. So I'll give Prodigy that; it seems to have me wanting to try some more.


Have been enjoying this but not happy about the fact it's been split into small chunks for airing just so Paramount+ can hold on to subscribers.

Quote from: Lemming on November 12, 2021, 10:31:27 PMI didn't know it took place in the Delta Quadrant, though! How did a Medusan get there?

They're on the edge of Delta & Beta Quadrants so it's not too far fetched for any species to be there really.