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Started by Fambo Number Mive, November 03, 2021, 04:51:39 PM

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Quote from: Uncle TechTip on November 18, 2021, 11:41:40 AMThe editor of the Daily Mail has been ousted, so that puts an end to the recent front page attacks on greedy MPs. *slaps palms in up-and-down motion*
Read some bollocks on Twitter that he's been moved out the way cos he's bffs with ghislaine maxwell and they're planning to use her to stage a coup against Johnson. This is apparently why cunts sister wrote that piece about her in the spectator, getting ahead of the story type thing. Whatevs. Seems plausible enough given the tinpot rinkydink bullshit way this nasty corrupt little shithole works.

Johnny Yesno

Quote from: Tom Usher Parody Account @tom_usher_

Quote from: Daily Mail US @DailyMail · 15 NovPretrial makeover! Ghislaine Maxwell shows off freshly-dyed bob haircut ahead of sex trafficking trial
7:32 pm · 15 Nov 2021

Geordie Greig, there.

Fambo Number Mive

The Independent reports

QuoteThe prospect of Boris Johnson facing a fresh investigation into his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri is drawing closer after the businesswoman agreed to hand over her diaries to an ethics watchdog, according to reports.

Ms Arcuri, who alleged earlier this year that she had a four-year romantic relationship with Mr Johnson when he was mayor of London, has agreed to let the monitoring officer at the Greater London Authority inspect parts of her diaries, the Observer says...

Should be interesting.

Fambo Number Mive

Quote...A SENIOR Scottish MP is poised to take the Metropolitan Police to court over Westminster "cash for honours" claims, it has been revealed.

Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, says he'll take legal action if the London police force fails to reveal why it won't investigate alleged corruption in the appointing of peers.

Wishart, who is acting with the Good Law Project, said: "The casual and indifferent refusal by the Met Police to investigate the latest cash for honours is a dereliction of duty. We have written to them to say if they do not give the reasons for a refusal to investigate we will take action to have this judicially reviewed."

The move comes after the SNP MP complained to Met Commissioner Cressida Dick following revelations in an investigation by the Sunday Times and openDemocracy.

It found 15 of the last 16 Conservative Party treasurers have been offered a Lords seat after each donating in excess of £3 million to the party.

Meanwhile, more than 20 of the party's main donors have also gained peerages since 2010 after handing over an estimated £54m...

Fambo Number Mive

According to the Times, Tory MPs want the public to fund their legal costs if they become able to appeal against rulings by the parliamentary standards commissioner.


Quote from: Fambo Number Mive on November 23, 2021, 12:21:56 PMAccording to the Times, Tory MPs want the public to fund their legal costs if they become able to appeal against rulings by the parliamentary standards commissioner.

Of course they fucking do. Bigger parasites than any "benefit cheat".

Fambo Number Mive

QuoteDominic Raab, the deputy prime minister, held a party for Conservative activists at his grace-and-favour home, raising questions about the costs and whether they were declared within the rules.

Raab, who was foreign secretary at the time, invited about 50 Tories from his Surrey constituency to Chevening, a Grade I-listed, 115-room manor, on 4 September for prosecco and canapés.

The event was held 20 days after the fall of Kabul and in the wake of criticism of Raab for remaining on holiday as the British army sought to protect its staff.

The disclosure comes as a leaked document shows the Tories are doubling the number of regular volunteers campaigning in Raab's Esher and Walton constituency after his majority collapsed at the last general election.

The ministerial code says "government property should not generally be used for constituency work or party activities".

A spokesperson for Raab, now the justice secretary, said the event qualified for an exemption from the rules because the costs were picked up by his constituency party...

Section 6.2 of the ministerial code says that "where ministers host party or personal events in these residences it should be at their own or party expense with no cost falling to the public purse".

Raab's office has not released a breakdown of the costs paid or said when they were paid, or to whom they were declared, as requested by the Guardian.

The Liberal Democrat deputy leader, Daisy Cooper, said she would be writing to the cabinet secretary, Simon Case, to ask for a full explanation.

Paul Calf

QuoteThe Liberal Democrat deputy leader, Daisy Cooper, said she would be writing to the cabinet secretary, Simon Case, to ask for a full explanation of why they don't get to do this sort of thing any more like in the good old coalition days of swapping benefit clampdowns for carrier bag taxes.

Useless fucking cunts.

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Cox back in the news again:

QuoteGeoffrey Cox has again appeared as a lawyer for the British Virgin Islands (BVI) inquiry while parliament is sitting, calling into question whether he is meeting the prime minister's demands for MPs to put their duty to their constituents first.

Cox, who has earned about £1m from legal work over the last year, joined the BVI commission of inquiry into allegations of corruption for two hours while the House of Commons was sitting on Wednesday afternoon.

Angela Rayner, the Labour deputy leader, said Cox was "taking the mick" and called it a "test of leadership" for the prime minister. "The prime minister is letting him get away with it," she added...

And Cameron

QuoteDavid Cameron lobbied a director of Lloyds Banking Group, whom the former prime minister had given a peerage, to reverse the bank's decision to withdraw support from Greensill Capital, which it later did.

Cameron appealed to James Lupton, a Conservative peer who had served as party treasurer and donated more than £3m to the Tories, to urge the bank not to withdraw funding from Greensill's supply chain financing of NHS pharmacies.

After his lobbying of Lord Lupton in January, the bank reconsidered its decision and agreed to continue providing financial support to Greensill, according to the Financial Times, which first reported the story...

Fambo Number Mive

SNP tabling motion of censure against Johnson on Tuesday. The motion won't pass given the government's large majority but hopefully it will remind people of how shit Johnson really is.


Nah, it's shore up his base. 'How dare these chippy Scots demean the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?'

Obviously grandstanding for the Scottish independence base from the SNP though, which is why they're doing it and you can't blame 'em.

Fambo Number Mive

Latest ministerial way to shut down criticism by the opposition. Say he or she has "misjudged the tone of this House"


Fambo Number Mive

Cox will not be investigated over the claims he used his Commons office for legal work: