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The Big December 19th Trans Fundraising Topic

Started by canadagoose, November 12, 2021, 04:21:07 PM

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Mister Six


Same. Its the best I've seen suggested so far. Doesn't get into the weeds of Linehan's crusade, but hints at what the fundraiser is about.

Barry Admin

Yes I love it too. I also agree that this shouldn't be all about spiting Linehan - or at least it should not be positioned that way.

Although it's a bit of a bugger, cause one of the few ideas I've had is to write something that eviscerates the cunt, partly as I've had good luck with going viral previously.

That might still be possible, I'll explain where I'm at with this now in terms of ideas:

Today I'll take the site down for a short while, and hopefully get a further update done, and a portal reinstalled. This will give me an actual site again, beyond the forums, but based all around it. Then I can have side bars where we can list trans charities, hashtags, and so on. I can also take posts and turn them into articles because we'll have an actual front page again. I could do things like have a running total displayed on one of the side blocks - remember where the Amazon banner and the links to the CaB wiki and stuff used to be?

Today I'm gonna have another go at getting access to my fucking Twitter account. I want to get in touch with Joss Prior and Katy Montgomerie with a view to getting advice, and I figure they can help put me in touch with other activists who may want to be involved. I really don't want to get dragged into Twitter again, but figure I can get into some kind of activists group chat, and spitball this whole thing, and get more involvement and advice from trans people.

That's basically it so far. If I can get the portal reinstalled today, then that gives us the ability to start promoting already, because I'll be able to direct folks from the front page to this thread, and likely also to the Glinner threads for background info.

Barry Admin

I think I finally figured out how to recover my twitter account without having to remember whatever bullshit phone number I gave the cunts. Let's go, back into the hellsite 😩


Good luck Barry, you might need it considering how awful Twitter can be! Really appreciate your effort with this.

Dr Rock

Barry Admin

I'll be honest... I've had thoughts of getting more directly involved with the terf wars over the last couple of years, but always resisted as I didn't want to Glinner myself. I'm already super interested in all the discussion, and have thought of doing things like a collaborative wiki where we track the lies and bullshit. A lot of it would have been specifically about going after Linehan. As I say though, I didn't want to Glinner myself by becoming an anti-Glinner.

I actually did a fundraising thing a few years ago which I kept any mention of off here, and it was successful, and my strategy worked. I'm hopeful that Katy and Joss will be up for this, and can help us to get it to take on its own momentum outside of CaB. At the very least we need more direct involvement and advice from trans people.

Over the last two weeks I've been pessimistic and didn't feel up to what was required for all this; I figured we could hopefully get Xmas dinners sent out to some trans people at the very least.

Now, I think we can aim higher, and hopefully this will go really well. The fact that we'll be getting people to donate directly to the charities is fucking great, because it will neuter a lot of the shit flinging that CaB will almost certainly endure.

Let's. Fucking. GO.

Dex Sawash

Spoiler alert
follow back anti glinner


Trans activism UK ( and some of the folks involved like Felix Fern, Laura Kate Dale and Sophia McAllister might give things a boost. Similarly Fox Fisher and Ugla Stefania at My Genderation, similarly (

rue the polywhirl

#BeYourself, #LastTrainToTransCentral, #StopTheHate #TransitionHaveYouGivenThisFundraisingAListenIfYouRatePleaseDonate


Here's a thread from Trans Aid Cymru which makes me want to give them all my money, hbu.

ETA - I'm really impressed with the amount of work you're putting into this Barry. Good man.



Obviously I know nothing about this but are regular charities and non profits discriminating against LGBTQ people in regards to making sure they have their material needs met? If so wtf?


Is there anything those of us who don't really have a Twitter/social media presence can do to help (other than urging people we know to donate anyway, of course)?