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Good old Columbo

Started by Nowhere Man, November 14, 2021, 01:50:51 AM

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Those Japanese detective shows are wild though, ended up watching one called 'Massage Detective Joe', which as the title suggests, is about a introverted masseuse who can solve crimes by giving someone a massage.  So to see a homegrown version of Colombo is not surprising, especially considering these shows are very much like Columbo in that there are very formulaic episode to episode.

Also, can't talk about Massage Detective Joe without posting the slightly bonkers credit sequence

Jake Thingray

David Koenig's book discloses that "Dagger of the Mind" could have been even more phoney, as it was a comparatively late decision to allow extra shekels enabling location shooting in Britain. The first time I saw "The Conspirators", as a BBC1 afternoon repeat in 1995 and with the above in mind, I read the synopsis in the Radio Times and wondered if the ep, similarly, had any genuine filming in Ireland, or anything authentically Irish about it.

Oh dear.

George White

watched the last original ep - the Conspirators, which is set amongst the Irish community.
Clive Revill is fun, but it's full of errors. He doesn't have a Belfast accent, he says Londonderry despite being a Catholic and proud Provo, the only Irish person in the cast AFAIK is Sean McClory and the character of Kerry calls TVguides 'program logs'.