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The Expanse - Season 6 (trailer)

Started by Mobius, November 16, 2021, 11:25:51 PM

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I thought the last season was quite boring, really not arsed about Naomi and her boring family.

But it's a decent show and looks great. Hopefully there's some mad alien shit coming. The bit at the 2:22 looks intriguing!

Apparently this is the final season, and covers book 6 (of 9) so we'll see if they do a movie or if the whole thing will end in a quite unsatisfying way.


As I understand it there is a significant time leap after book 6 which would require much ageing prosthetics, for one.

I don't know how I feel about this show. It can be great. But it's also very maddening. Last season especially so. They just flipped this switch that said "all Belters are now irredeemable assholes." Even Drummer, despite all she went through and Ashford being killed, just went back to being a pirate for no reason. Just being on the internet is enough to get me my fix of crazed fanatics, I don't need to watch TV shows with them too, especially when played by third-rate Canadian actors whose sole qualifications for getting these roles appear to be their ability to do the Belter accent.

And I especially didn't care about Naomi and her ex and their son. Christ, the Inaroses, played by two especially useless actors with literally one facial expression each (Marco: bug-eyed twat; Philip, dull uncomprehending pout). I really hope Keon Alexander Googles his own name occasionally (seems the type), because YOU FUCKING SUCK AS AN ACTOR. Cunt.

And the filler! So, so much filler. Alex & Bobbie spent the whole season in the Razorback, like the orbital equivalent of walking across Westeros. Amos spent a whole ep getting out of that prison, about two walking to Baltimore, and then a third in that estate trying to get that spaceship to work.


Yeah the Razorback stuff was bobbins, but I put that down to them having to rejig stuff because pilot-matey got MeTood.  Didn't mind the Amos-walking-about bits, because I was just happy for them to focus on his backstory for a bit.

Not surprised this will be the final season.  It's a great show but I think it's quite difficult to find the money for big budget sci-fi.  I did notice that the sets in the later seasons were basically 'earth but dressed up a bit differently'.

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They had the budget. Jeff Bezos really wanted to get the show on Prime Video, as he is a huge fan of the novels. On location shooting tends to be actually more expensive, but it helps getting out of a claustrophobic mood. Still, it's puzzling that the sixth season will be over in six episodes.

The big issue for the show was that the last three novels take place approximately three decades later, which would have required a lot of makeup for not so convincing onscreen results.


I was enjoying this show but last season has basically turned it into a hate-watch for me. It still looks pretty and I enjoy the space stuff but I can't stand most of the characters besides Amos, and deciding to centre most of last season around some of the most laughably inept actors I've seen in a production of this size (Naomi, Marco and their son) tipped it over the edge. Will watch it but I'm glad to hear it's the last season, because surely they have to focus on some cool alien/rings shit now.


You'd hope, but FX are expensive and Vancouver am dram performers who can pronounce Beltalowdah correctly are cheap.


It's good that it's only 6 episodes, hopefully no filler. When it's great, it's really great.

Used to like Alex so my interest has diminished somewhat for this season, wish they'd replaced the actor to be honest rather than do a last minute Poochie.

Mostly watching for Amos and Bobbie now.

Spoon of Ploff

six episodes to cover the final four books, the last of which isn't published until the end of this month?

yeah. that'll work

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I miss the Space Noir goings on of the first series. It started to feel a lot more generic after that, with the the protomolecule going from a truly alien, inscrutable thing, to a bunch of hybrid monster kids for everyone to run around and shoot at.

I've not seen any of it since the portals all opened up (after that thrilling storyline in which everyone was stuck in the cosmic equivalent of a tailback). Is it worth catching up on, or should I not bother?

"Let's all go down the strand, Avasarala"

Mr Eggs

Was saving series 5 for a winebox bingewatch but, having read the books, could I just skip it and bang into this one? 5 sounds pure wank.


I don't think it's ever been "pure wank". Even at its worst it is still a million times better than any Discovery episode. Always very watchable, occasionally spectacular (there were some great episodes in season 5).


Quote from: Spoon of Ploff on November 19, 2021, 11:42:17 AMsix episodes to cover the final four books, the last of which isn't published until the end of this month?

yeah. that'll work

6 episodes to cover book 6.

I don't get the hate for season 5, I loved it. I think it coming out weekly instead of dropping all at once might have hurt it in peoples eyes though. Several episodes of Naomi being stuck on a ship is less appealing when you are waiting for her to move on by the next episode, I guess.

If I had to be critical it would be that I agree with the general sentiment that Keon Alexander is an absolutely abominable actor. One note, totally uncharismatic. It's not really possible to tell how this guy managed to win so many people over to his cause. Compared to someone like an Anderson Dawes for example, obviously it's unfair to compare this cretin to a true great like Jared Harris, but surely you could cast someone much better.


Yeah him and his son can get to absolute fuck.


Season 5 is definitely worth watching, they all are really.  None of it has been so terrible I've had to stop watching.  The Klav Kalash guy really pulled me out of that episode, massive mood whiplash.  But there's always something in an episode that's worth watching.

Having said that, my wife refuses to watch it as she feels physical pain whenever Avasarala talks.  I'm 50/50 on her.  Voice definitely works but there's this particular delivery of 'I'll do whatever the fuck I want!' in one episode that is strangely bizarre.  I'll have to clip it out sometime.


Oh I like her too. Bobbie, Amos and Avasarala please.


My wife does a mean Shoreh Agdashloo imitation, has done ever since she appeared on 24. I've managed to conceal from her that she's in this, otherwise she'd insist on watching (despite not being into SF) to expand her repertoire of Agdashlingo.


Quote from: druss on November 19, 2021, 01:30:11 PMYeah him and his son can get to absolute fuck.

The acting of those two blokes was so bad that I spent the whole series under the impression they were a gay couple and only clocked right at the end that they were father and son.


I got it wrong, it's not 'whatever the fuck I want', it's 'whatever I goddamn like' (skip to around the 50 second mark)

Maybe this is the clean version?  As I'm sure I've heard that line but with swearing.  In any case, it think it's fucking awful delivery, but I can see why people would like it.