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Everything Everything

Started by Darles Chickens, November 17, 2021, 05:19:38 PM

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I totally missed this band when they appeared, as I'd just fled to pastures new from the UK, and left behind my reliable "new music" connections.

So the other day I heard something by them (Final Form, from their debut album) and quite liked it, and thought I'd give them a go.  Verdict so far?  Their sound is quite... ugly.  It's definitely an acquired taste; the vocals can be a bit hard-going with the relentless fast lyrics and the constant modulation in and out of falsetto, but I don't think I've ever heard another band like them.  They seem to span quite a few genres, from chiptune-style beeps to R&B type jams.  It's all quite knowingly weird, but there are some real stand-out tracks - Kemosabe is a good radio-friendly pop song, Undrowned is bleak and atmospheric, and Leave the Engine Room is a withering commentary on abortion disguised as mellow electronica.

I've only given their first two albums a listen so far, but interested in recommendations.  Anyone here like Everything Everything?

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Jerzy Bondov

During a brief phase of having 6 Music as my alarm in the morning they were rinsing Photoshop Handsome and I went all the way from 'what the fuck is this shit wank' to 'genuinely love this song more than life itself'

I find it hard to imagine any radio station playing Photoshop Handsome, but I guess 6 Music was always quite guardedly eclectic.  I tend to remember it for just playing Teenage Fanclub all the time.

Stoneage Dinosaurs

I often wish they'd come out with something as fun and proggy as Man Alive but I have liked a fair bit of the stuff they've done since.

Captain Z

Underworld fans leave thread disappointed


I met two of them in the pub once, in Chorlton, and they were a lovely bunch of lads. I haven't listened to the music in about a decade like.

Quote from: Captain Z on November 17, 2021, 06:39:12 PM
Underworld fans leave thread disappointed

Worth hijacking the thread for though.  Absolutely love the euphoric journey through the first track, the slow build during the vocal part, and the way it leaves you gagging for the payoff at the end when everything comes back in.  The crowd noises just place you right in the middle of that concert.  I've never actually heard the studio version of Juanita, but it can never be as good as that.


One of them was recently on the your own personal beatles podcast


Great band and very good live. Not thought about them in yonks.

*digs out CD with the fox on the cover


I'm reminded of them every time I hear Squid.

The Culture Bunker

Just checked and I have their album 'Arc' on the shelf and recall absolutely nothing about it. I can't even think when I picked it up, though I'm guessing it was second hand for a couple of quid a few years after it came out.

Worth a re-listen?

I don't think it's as good as their debut, but it has some good moments.  It starts with two radio-friendly tracks, and then later on Feet For Hands and Undrowned have stuck with me on repeated listens, particularly the latter.  There's a bit of useless filler on there too though.

The Culture Bunker

Scratching my head over my last post, I'm thinking I picked it up during my period of getting completely bored with guitar music in general - the last two-ish years have been characterised by my moving over to more electronic/synth-pop based stuff, which may be why it didn't really sink in. Perhaps when the pendulum swings back the other way, I'll give the album and the band a proper listen again.


I really like Arc. I found the vocals a bit 'challenging' when I first came across them when the first album came out, but I think that styles really works on Arc. I love the drums and bass playing on Cough Cough, it's a complex arrangement with a lot going on but I like how nothing really gets in the way of anything else. Also like Kemosabe and Duet, but my favourite track is The Peaks, the way it builds up is great.

Artie Fufkin

Man Alive = AmayyyyyZING
Everything after = Yeah, good


Quote from: Darles Chickens on November 17, 2021, 07:12:28 PMI've never actually heard the studio version of Juanita

Just in case you do get curious.

Captain Z

We were referring to the Underworld live album "Everything Everything", which opens with Juanita/Kiteless.

I have the first three Underworld studio albums but EE is the only one I seem to pick up these days, it is such a perfect capture of their best (Well, Dark and Long is missing I suppose) and the sound is great for a live album. The live vocals elevate it for me too. Fully agree with you on the opening.


Distant Past is a fucking banger.

First album great, second varible, third great, other two variations on a theme.