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Marvel's Hit-Monkey

Started by Small Man Big Horse, November 19, 2021, 08:33:44 PM

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Small Man Big Horse

Yup, it's another Marvel series, but this one has mild swearing (shit, prick, ass, etc) in it and a fair amount of bloody violence, so it's hidden away on Hulu. Jason Suedekis is the lead, a perky, chatty and very friendly type who kills people for money, so it initially does feel like "What If Ted Lasso was an assassin?". But then - twist -
Spoiler alert
he's betrayed by one of his employers, ends up badly wounded, and then, er, is saved by some weird super smart monkeys. and then, well, a whole load of stuff happens until at the end of the first episode only one monkey remains, and he's learnt how to shoot people and stuff.
I'd heard good things about this but it did absolutely nothing for me, I've seen this sort of nonsense in comics before and I just found this really tedious, perhaps it improves as it goes on (something which the other Hulu Marvel series, M.O.D.O.K., did) but unless someone claims it suddenly becomes amazing I've no plans on watching any more of it.


Fair play that is some comic book bollocks by anyone's standards.

But it IS a macaque assassin, almost H.S Art level, so I am somewhat intrigued as my well of love for apes and monks draws deep.

Mister Six

Lolrandom monkey assassins are SO 2005. Is there a pirate ninja too?

Ant Farm Keyboard

I'm up to episode 6, and it's getting repetitive, relying far too much on very narrow kinds of comedy (the gory stuff and Jason Sudeikis trying to be an edgy smartass but getting ridiculous in the process) and as Monsieur Six said, it's very mid-2000s in tone.
MODOK had some of the same issues. Patton Oswalt had some fine one-liners, particularly alluding to him getting destitute, and the show loved to reference a ton of half-forgotten minor characters from other Marvel comics, but it didn't take as many creative risks as I would have hoped, while the whole concept called for something bolder. Neither MODOK nor Hit-Monkey has indeed achieved the sweet spot of Harley Quinn, for instance.



This is one Marvel series I couldn't be arsed with, not even looked at trailers or that.