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Started by madhair60, November 20, 2021, 10:38:21 PM

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Sourdough crumpets from Aldi are blooming  marvellous.

Brian Freeze

What about making your own?

Worth it?



When I started my last job, you got unlimited food for £12 a month. No hot breakfast in the office I was initially in but I made up for it by scoffing a dozen Scotch pancakes & several Yum Yums to start the day.

Pink Gregory

Quote from: Brian Freeze on November 21, 2021, 08:22:48 AMWhat about making your own?

Worth it?

I make my own out of leftover levain culture after refreshing it.

It's dead simple if you have the starter already, just sugar, salt and baking soda, plus crumpet rings.

Just an avenue to get glorious fuckin SALT in your body.  A rare treat.


Must say I like a couple of crumpets when I fancy some tiffin!

Lisa Jesusandmarychain

" You know what she is, Stan- she's Crumpet!"

Lost Oliver

Warbutons ones are class. I do one butter, one with jam. Don't get the Kingsmill ones cos' they're shit and don't soak the butter proper.

The Mollusk

Yeah Warbutons are literally the only good ones. Any other brands are too chewy or don't crisp up enough or don't absorb the butter properly.

They are a heavenly food, among the greatest simple breakfast treats ever conceived. I'm vegan now so haven't had the pleasure of this in years but frying them with scrambled egg mixture like eggy bread is insanely good.


I might have to try that...

Spoon of Ploff

I prefer pikelets myself.

Dex Sawash

Is there a larger pikelet? Is it a pikel or a pike?


Don't tell him, crumpet!!!


Johnny Foreigner

Rumpets, to be drenched in Captain Morgan and served flambé.


Somewhere in size between a cornet and a trumpet.


I am very upset that premium crumpets are now sourdough. What's wrong with good old yeast if you're going to piss about? Sour crumpets. The mind boggles.



Sourdough crumpets are really not better than normal crumpets, different sure, you fancy a change, fine, but better? hardly my lactic acid gushing fools.


Some foods are definitely better on Posh Wanker tier, others like crumpets excel on Normal setting

Johnny Foreigner

Ten years since Filament magazine folded. The thinking woman clearly does not appreciate crumpets.

Mr Banlon

One of the only local jobs for 16-17 year olds round my way in the mid-80s was at United Bakeries in Greenford. It was always temp/part-time/agency work. The worst place to work in the whole bakery was the 'crumpet room'. Nobody lasted more than one shift in there and would walk. For permanent workers there it was a punishment, or a demotion. Apparently the 'crumpet room' was hot as fuck and like being inside an oven.

Pavlov`s Dog`s Dad`s Dead

Quote from: pancreas on November 21, 2021, 12:52:52 PMSomewhere in size between a cornet and a trumpet.
A crumhorn.

Blinder Data

When I first moved to Scotland, I was bemused that this big flat thing was called a crumpet:

But now I often prefer them to their stodgier cousins. Smother them in peanut butter and jam, and roll 'em up.



Quote from: Blinder Data on November 22, 2021, 10:57:51 AMWhen I first moved to Scotland, I was bemused that this big flat thing was called a crumpet:

But now I often prefer them to their stodgier cousins. Smother them in peanut butter and jam, and roll 'em up.

This looks like some kind of pikelet/Scotch Pancake chimera - perhaps the Scottish resent the "Scotch" in Scotch Pancake.

Sourdough crumpets? I've never heard such errant nonsense.  Standard crumpets, extra toasted until the bottom is knockably hard, served one with butter and marmite, one with butter and marmalade (rather like the Mark Corrigan, "Brown for first course, white for pudding" breakfast).

Joan Bakewell missing a trick by not partnering up with Sunblest or whomever for "The Thinking Man's Crumpet".

Gurke and Hare

Right, to pre-empt any arguments like last time we did this thread.



Scotch pancakes

Brian Freeze

Quite fancy a stack of alternating crumpet, pikelet and scotch pancake with a horseload of butter. And some syrup.