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If heaven exists

Started by madhair60, November 21, 2021, 01:43:14 PM

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Surely one or two of the disciples were gay and possibly got it on with each other or some other hangers-on?


Quote from: The Mollusk on November 24, 2021, 09:07:25 AMI love that you know so much about this shite
well i also know a lot about the Star Wars expanded universe ("Legends")

Mr Banlon

No dogs in heaven.
They'd eat the abortions.


Quote from: Mr Banlon on November 24, 2021, 10:22:56 AMNo dogs in heaven.
They'd eat the abortions.

Good doggies do go to heaven. If abortions get eaten then they shouldn't be so tasty.

oy vey

Surely abortions are stuck in limbo with the rest of the unbaptised. Fucking mess that limbo.

The unbaptised have to eat something.


Ham Bap

I've always just thought the concept of heaven exists for people to console themselves when people die.
'They've gone to a better place', 'They're up there now looking down and smiling'.

It gives some meaning for exisitng when there isnt any meaning. We're just bags of meat/animals with an evolved brain who happen to exist. We're self aware and have tried to add some meaning to this whole thing when its a scientific miracle that we've come this far.

Though if Heaven exists they'd give me Cheddar McCoys to eat all the time and id watch Seinfeld and dinosaurs all the time.


If heaven exists Daddy up there now with the angels and Chip Butty and gravy on the side, see you soon Dad 🍟😇🙏😭🔜