Took my dead child to the ideal home show

Started by itsfredtitmus, November 21, 2021, 10:06:00 PM

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He was completely dead, completely fucking dead and limb- but people loved it! They gave ma a lot of attention! I loved the attention!


And that's supposed to be funny, is it? A dead child? That's the sort of thing considered "fair game" to the reprobates of CaB?




Phew, I was worried by how distended and pale they were. Big relief now I know they are dead.


Oh, well done, Cook'd and Bomb'd. A decomposing child's corpse. What hilarious yuks will you dream up next?


No wonder dead children don't post here anymore.


Well I was appalled and very nearly walked out to see dead children wheeled out like this for the purpose of your cheap jokes. I think it's a shameful display of vulgarity, I think the dead children have conducted themselves with considerable dignity and you've conducted yourself as an arsehole.

Captain Z

Thanks for reminding me why I cut my time spent on this forum down from 9 hours per day to 8.5 hours per day.


Worse, this is a substitution of dead child for a problem chimp.

Is a dead child comparable to a problem chimp, and if so why do you consider a problem chimp to be funny in the first place?  Then there's the race angle and the paedo angle.

Thread's spiralling out of control