And wear a fucking mask please

Believe Them

Started by shoulders, November 23, 2021, 08:26:24 PM

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When a woman says she saw a pterodactyl biting a gamekeeper's cock off, Believe Them.

When a burns victim calls in sick because 'Dog piss', Believe Them.

When a driving instructor says he choked a girl in that layby over there, Believe Them.

When a man shows who they really are using three forms of valid photo ID, Believe Them.

When a stockbroker says the cunt has fallen out of the reptile industry, Believe Them

When Gavin of Yarm boasts of his shoddy repairs to a chain ferry, Believe Them.

When Mavis says 'Alan loved that seat', Believe Them.

When Weymouth advertise 'VR Captain Tom Experience Coming Soon', Believe Them


When a man in the street approaches you and tells you you are going to hell unless you open your heart to Jesus Christ our Saviour, Believe Them.

When Graham Linehan tells you he must inspect your genitals, Believe Them.

When dancing, lost in techo trance, arms flailing, gawky Bez, then find you snagged on frowns, and slowly it dawns, you're jazzing to the bleep tone of a life support machine that marks the steady fading of your day old baby daughter. And when midnight sirens lead to blue flash road mash, stretchers, covered heads and slippy red macadam, and find you creeping 'neath the blankets, to snuggle close a mangle bird, hoping you soon too will be freezer drawed, Believe Them.

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Quote from: pancreas on November 23, 2021, 11:52:48 PMWhen Graham Linehan tells you he must inspect your genitals, Believe Them.

Not sure he'd approve of that pronoun mind you!