Discontinued propaganda tapes.

Started by H-O-W-L, November 24, 2021, 07:21:12 AM

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"Clown Control and How to Execute it"
"Escaping The City Limits: Why You Will Be Flayed"
"Boiling The Dead"

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"PiƱata Haunting Techniques 1972"

Lisa Jesusandmarychain

Catalogue of ills

18 Reasons to Burn Your Neighbours (produced by Barking and Dagenham Fire and Rescue)

Family WhatsApp and Murder: Making the Right Choice (of weapon)

How To Obey All Media
Destroy Your Communication Devices! Learn To Read The Leader's thoughts!
If You Can Read This You Are A Traitor

It's Fine, She Can Take It!
Sawdust: The Snack of Patriots
It's Not Rape If You're Married

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Burst Your Own Bubble On Another Man's Tent

Catalogue of ills

Kids vs wasps: let's make it happen!

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West Indians, Your Daughter And Your Right To A Firearm
It's Not Rape II: She Smiled At You On The Bus
Rock & Roll: The Sound Of Homosex