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Butterfield: Vice

Started by H-O-W-L, November 24, 2021, 08:47:12 AM

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The much-maligned late-night follow up to the Peter Serafinowicz show, Butterfield: Vice was taken off the air after its first series received several OFCOM complaints for content.

Starring the loveably incompetant multi-discipliniary salesman and his stalwart partner, DI Roy Carlsberg, Butterfield: Vice dealt, almost incomprehensibly, with the day-to-day actions of the 'Neon City' police department in Florida, which Butterfield was inexplicably 'transferred to' in the pilot episode. Despite being set in America, the series was almost entirely shot on location in the UK for budget reasons, and the architecture resembled nothing like the neon-washed Miami analogue that both script, dialogue, and promotional material implied. The tone of the series was also wildly inconsistent, with Butterfield's comical bumbler nature remaining from his original appearances, while characters around him were either ignorant to his incompetence or seemed to be talking to a different character for his role entirely.

The frame below will be a surprise even to avid fans, as it comes from a VHS transfer of the unreleased episode "The Home Invaders"; which was never aired in the UK on its original BBC2 run due to the level of violence shown. (and presence of a bootleg Mr. Blobby, which may have infringed on Noel Edmonds' copyright and incited his later T-34 rampage through Leicester Square) Viewer discretion is advised.

*** 1/2 out of 5.

Please note: Some third-party "torrent" sites list a 1080p upscale of Butterfield: VICE and its lost episodes. These are not to be trusted and are probably draclea.


Never available on DVD. BBC Worldwide disavows all knowledge.