Post Punk / Dark Wave from former USSR countries

Started by JaDanketies, November 24, 2021, 03:13:20 PM

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Is anyone else really into this shit? My algorithms are all messed up because I listen to loads of it these days. I don't even know how to pronounce half of these bands' names.

Stadt by Штадт

Картины (Pictures) by Группа Хмурый (Gruppa Chmuriy)

I don't even know how to find out more bands like it other than via algorithm. It seems like it's a 'scene' at the moment though....

Pauline Walnuts

I love this stuff, I prefer the more electronic stuff,

More poppy stuff,

I saw Molchat Doma yesterday, the young people were going Mad for it, as I believe the young people say.

Check out more? Try some compilation vids:

Pauline Walnuts

There was a really good label Raw Russian, but they disappeared earlier this year taking a lot of peoples money with them,

Sierpien are a good label too, I've already check out a bit, I'm (consults notes) Perched for the new Суперлуние album when it comes out on vinyl. If it ever does.

It's not really post-Soviet wave but I blame this song for getting into that sort of thing

And my fav album of 2020 was Made by a St. Petersburg person.


Interesting shouts there! I do get through a lot of those youtube compliations. I think the first two sonds you sent were the best


I quite like Molchat Doma - they were playing Lithuania when I was there recently but didn't take the punt for some reason.

I really rate Shortparis -

Norton Canes

Love when this sort of stuff crops up on the Bandcamp front page. Haven't had a really good hunt around for it though.

Shortparis are great. Does Kedr Livanskiy count? Her music sounds more straight-up dance but it's got a proper dark undertone

Norton Canes

Do Ic3peak count? Bit more commercial - at least, it looks like they have more money to chuck at their videos. Good tho'

Pauline Walnuts

I really need to check out Кино, a lot of the Doomer stuff is based off them, as well as Joy's Division and the usual post-punk types.

They're no Little Big...

The Mollusk

Molchat Doma's success seems to be owed greatly to the coldwave postpunk aesthetic of their production values. I thought they were kinda cool (lol) but then I saw them live and it was like that Bill Bailey standup bit where he's pretending to be U2, and there's a technical error and the epic reverb switches off and all that's left is some plinky plonk nursery rhyme. The guitarist/bassist of MD seem to think they're in Status Quo the way they're swaggering all over the shop, it was weird and frankly shite.

That was the last gig I saw before lockdown March 2020, I was gutted to have that seared in my mind before 18 months of no live music whatsoever.


This just came on half-way through a Shortparis playlist, I'm sure someone's done a cover of it or it's on all these compilations. From back in 1987. Banger! It's like the Russian Ultravox.

Embedding this video aint allowed sorry

Альянс - На заре


My mate is rather obsessed with Molchat Doma - he had a ticket to see them in Camden on Monday but I don't know if he went or not.


lol just seen they played Manchester yesterday and I had literally no idea cos I've just got into them recently

reminds me of when The Antlers did a 20 year of Hospice retrospective tour at exactly the same time I was spinning it all the time like "wow this album is amazing, gonna love it forever, hey guys check out this new band I discovered." I didn't go to that, either.

Pauline Walnuts

One thing about this I like is I've no idea who the kwel groups are, you have to judge each song on its own merits.

I mean, is this Ukrainian Lady Sovereign or a respectable musician blending Hip hop and traditional Ukrainian folk?

I've gone too far from the subject matter...

Pauline Walnuts

Ploho are playing there next March, just saying.

Johnny Foreigner

I am a great traditional coldwave fan in general, but not well acquainted with Slavic bands, owing to the language barrier. Notchnoi Prospekt is my favourite Russian band.

I like this one, too:

Greg Torso

I like Asian Women On The Telephone but they may not be what you (or anyone else) are looking for...


hope this counts - all-girl Russian no wave trio Fanny Kaplan. The title track off their EP vsjo dozvoleno ili net (Everything is Allowed or Not) is both guttural (drums and bass) and weirdly light and ethereal (synth/vocals). the section at 1.30 blows my head off:


Thanks a lot guys! Not a bad recommendation, I've enjoyed everything.


These are Spanish, obviously, but it's got Moscow in it and it's a banger. I think this kind of thing is usually called 'cold wave' in compilations, I like some of it a lot but it's hard to get hold of full albums by any of the bands.

Pauline Walnuts

It's never been easier to get hold of this stuff, relatively speaking.

Check out this guys uploads;There's some gold in them there uploads!


Quote from: Pauline Walnuts on November 25, 2021, 12:11:13 PMIt's never been easier to get hold of this stuff, relatively speaking.

Check out this guys uploads;There's some gold in them there uploads!

I thought you were gonna point me to this channel Harakiri Diat.

Pauline Walnuts

Quote from: JaDanketies on November 25, 2021, 12:36:57 PMI thought you were gonna point me to this channel Harakiri Diat.

From that, one of the comments on

Quote from: Bod BreauxI wish some dork would come on here and tell us who this band reminds him of and what sub-genre this properly belongs in.

While I'm here, like a nice bit of Sewage-Age


I was going to mention Molchat Doma and then I saw you posted them. You can practically smell the concrete tower blocks.

IC3PEAK are like a Slavic Poppy.