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complete Prince discography

Started by madhair60, November 24, 2021, 10:40:39 PM

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Raspberry Beret
Want 2 Make Out With U
Touchin UR Body
Purple Rain
Let Me See That Asshole
Baby U Got 2 Titties
U Look Better Naked
The Way U Move (Makes Me Want To Fuck U)
Take Off UR Clothes
Let's Go Crazy
I Love UR Boobies
UR Body Gives Me An Erection
I Wanna Smell UR Ass
Sexy Internet (Let Me Log In)
U Got Nipples On Them Tits
Let's Go 2 Bed (And Have Sex In It)
The Business End Of My Dick
Pussy is Pussy (Ain't No Sex Racist)
I Wanna Cum Out Of My Dick In Or Around UR Body
Boner Causing Girl
Bitch I Wanna Fuck U Forever
Let's Hump (Doin' it Dry)
2 Tired 2 Fuck (Jerk Me Off)
Girl My STDs Are Impermanent
Intercourse Symphony (First Sonata): Warm URself Up
Intercourse Symphony (Second Sonata): Ain't No 4play
Intercourse Symphony (Minuet): I'm Fucking U
Intercourse Symphony (Rondo): Was It Good 4U (I'm Done)
I Want U 2 Give Me An Orgasm
UR A Slut (No Offence)
Sex With U Feels Super Good Around The Penis
I Got A Gift 4U (It's My Cum)
Wanna C U Take A Dump
Wichita Lineman


Do U Think UR Father Would Entertain The Notion Of Me Asking 4 His Daughter's Hand In Marriage?

non capisco

Eye Want 2 Do A Poo At Paul's House


Take Me with U 2 a Sex Club.

Bat Remix.

Norton Canes