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May 27, 2022, 10:25:31 PM

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Starmer's Labour: Ghouls and Tools on the Ship of Fools

Started by pancreas, September 30, 2021, 08:08:11 PM

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oh the woman from slave-owning southern family who married into the English aristocracy, participated in appeasement with Nazi Germany, and was a relentless anti-semite?

GIRLS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink Gregory

He won't throw cash at the UK's problems.

Last I heard throwing money at a problem is why we have the Covid vaccine.

Johnny Yesno

Quote from: Quote on November 21, 2021, 11:56:49 PM

Typically inspiring stuff.

QuoteLabour hopes to unite its remain and leave-supporting voters by highlighting concerns about economic issues, including the rising cost of living, with inflation climbing, and national insurance contributions set to rise in April.

Starmer's emphasis on fiscal discipline is intended to contrast with the approach of his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader promised his party they will "never again go into an election with a manifesto that is not a serious plan for government".

Gaslighting cunt.


Problems are precisely what a government should be throwing cash at. What they shouldn't throw cash at is friends and donors. He should be saying, instead of funnelling money into friends' and party donors' pockets, we'll be spending it where it needs to be spent, to solve the UK's problems. Accept the gift that the Tories have given - the demonstration that the cash is available when required - just redefine what it's required for: to help the many, not the few.


QuoteStarmer's emphasis on fiscal discipline is intended to contrast with the approach of his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader promised his party they will "never again go into an election with a manifesto that is not a serious plan for government".

the fully costed manifesto that he presumably approved of at the time.

Problem is it would have improved the lives of people who aren't wealthy and this must not be allowed to happen.


Fiscal fucking discipline is just weasel-speak for more austerity.


Plaid/Welsh Labour deal is promising, even if we'll have to spend the next few years trying to make sure that some of it happens.


Johnson seems to have given his speech to the CBI while pissed. Incoherent nonsense.

Still better than Starmer's will be though.

Jerzy Bondov

If I was Labour leader I wouldn't give a speech to the CBI. Instead I would send them a .ppt file filled with spinning pictures of my arse set to rapturous applause.



Does anyone want to play my dad's tool bingo? Five minutes


I wonder if Johnson's Dante Fires speech earlier was done to deflect attention from everything else going on but also to make Starmer's seem boring and nothing. In which case why bother?



Quote from: idunnosomename on November 22, 2021, 02:13:36 PMDoes anyone want to play my dad's tool bingo? Five minutes
DAMN! eight and half.

fucking hell he is so fucking boring and predictable it's really quite funny

Fambo Number Mive

Nice burgundy tie there, a very upper middle class wine cellar and two Volvos in the drive colour. Hand picked by his advisors probably, "none of that Corbyn red".

Investment, industry. Costed. Fiduciary. Skills.

This is the Cummings play book, isn't it? Get yer Bell Curve out Keith.


Well according to the Guardian the delegates were lapping it up fine style!

QuotePeter Walker
After the Starmer speech & Q&A I asked a few CBI delegates what they thought.

"Much better than what we had earlier," said one woman.

You mean Corbyn, I asked?

"No - the prime minister. That speech earlier today was unbelievable. What was he on about with Peppa Pig?"

Yeah, right. You embarrasing twat.

Fambo Number Mive

Love how the Guardian try to find an anti-Corbyn refernece in everything. It should have been obvious that "Much better than what we had earlier" meant the speech Johnson gave earlier that day. No-one refers to a previous party leader as "what we had earlier". "What we used to have", maybe.


"Yes" I asked " but what about Corbyn? He was awful wasn't he?"

"Yes he was, and an Anti-Semite " she replied.

"Oh thank you" I gushed. "I was about to have to make up a quote".


Plaid/Labour agreement for the next three years of government:

Bits and pieces:
- Free school meals for all primary school pupils
- Implementation plan for National Care Service by 2023
- Immediate and radical action to address the proliferation of second homes
- Establish Unnos, a national construction company, ... to improve the supply of social and affordable housing
- Publish a White Paper to include proposals for a right to adequate housing [and] the role a system of fair rents (rent control) could have
- End homelessness
- Council tax reform – Reform one of the most regressive forms of taxation – which disproportionately impacts poorer areas of Wales – to make it fairer
- Work towards the creation of Ynni Cymru, a publicly-owned energy company for Wales, over the next two years
- Reform the Senedd, based on 80 to 100 Members
- A voting system, which is as proportional – or more – than the current one and have gender quotas in law.
- Put in place a framework to remove profit from the care of looked after children.
- Support the devolution of the administration of welfare and explore the necessary infrastructure required to prepare for it.
- We will call for the powers to legislate to improve the lives and protect the safety of Trans people in Wales to be devolved.



QuoteStarmer on Boris Johnson saying 'fuck business': "I can promise you that the only 'F words' I'll be using are 'foreign investment', 'fair trade', 'fiscal policy', and 'fiduciary duty'"

inspiring stuff


Quote from: pancreas on November 22, 2021, 03:38:51 PMLittle to argue with there.
Labour MPs reportedly managed find some things disagreeable...

 I can't believe Martin Prince's parents let him smoke two packs a day.


You can see why lots of voters go for the one that makes them feel like they occupy 'common sense' (without requiring them to think) and despise the inferiority and guilt they are made to feel by the centrist administerial class, their liberal cheerleaders and some sections of the more shortsighted left.

Still, Keithen Stamrer goes on about Dad my Dad Dad dad a lot so he has possibly realised this.

Banging line about Fiduciary duty mate