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July 01, 2022, 02:40:29 PM

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'I Like My Coffee How I Like My Men...'

Started by Dr Rock, November 19, 2021, 07:27:36 AM

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I don't 'like' men, is there a coffee equivalent of ladyboys though?

dissolute ocelot


Dex Sawash

rack and peanut

Given in exchange for money with barely concealed contempt

Dr Rock


Norton Canes

Catalogue of ills

Trafficked to the UK by uncaring multinationals


Norton Canes

Something something grinder/grindr something

Inspector Norse

Inspector Norse

Shared with colleagues in the staff room while our students look on through the windows



Ground up and then doused in scalding hot water by a minimum wage psychology student on 3 hours sleep


Greg Torso

- above average penis but nothing too showy
- knows his way around the kitchen, and the bedroom!
- solvent and independent but not afraid to let me baby him once in a while
- masculine but sometimes cries at cat adoption adverts
- good hygiene but not afraid to get dirty
- loves the MCU but thinks Zack Snyder is a hack
- will laugh when I make jokes about dead war veterans and children with eating disorders


"How do you like your eggs in the mornin'?"

"I like mine with a kiss from a man divorce."



Johnny Yesno

Sat in front of me with no top on, cooling off ready to be swallowed.

Dr Rock

Bought off the street, then passed around with my mum, dad and sisters, slurping down every little bit until we're all totally satiated and usually covered in a sticky mess. That we let the dog lick off.