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theyve invented a fish that doesnt give a fuck

Started by Goldentony, November 24, 2021, 08:49:34 AM

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dissolute ocelot

Swim, don't swim. Forwards, backwards. Shit, bubbles. Castle, treasure chest. All the same to me.

dissolute ocelot

Mum, what's for dinner? Fish flakes again? I'm vegetarian! I'm going to my dank, algae-flecked corner.



"SWIMMING IS A TWATS FOLLY" - this particular fish

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"zero fucks mate!"

blimey he doesn't half look like shoulders stomach except with a full head of hair

non capisco

Taking it home battered with a load of chips in greaseproof paper and it's still going "Eating me in a minute, are you? Couldn't care less, mate."

Coming out your arse the next day in shit form all "Going back in the water, am I? Oh, right. Plus ├ža change."