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August 19, 2022, 09:18:48 AM

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H.S. Art / Re: Boomer memes
Last post by Huxleys Babkins - Today at 09:18:15 AM
"I remember having sheets of ice on the windows and it never did me any harm" say people who, for some reason, decided to raise their own kids in warm, insulated homes.
General Bullshit / Re: Do you like History
Last post by finnquark - Today at 09:18:14 AM
Quote from: AllisonSays on Today at 08:18:37 AMI teach it, but the jury's out on whether or not I like it

Same here. Not sure what level you're teaching, but I find it a bit of a challenge to teach A Level whilst retaining a passion for the stuff.
H.S. Art / Re: Boomer memes
Last post by itsfredtitmus - Today at 09:15:08 AM
Ifans played some duff clownish roles after TT which probably didn't help him long term... Eyeball Paul in Kevin and Perry, 51st State etc.
Just posting to make a " Fondant Lung" and John Peel Session reference, Cheers.
Picture Box / Re: Football Thread 2022/23 -...
Last post by imitationleather - Today at 09:12:44 AM
Fortunately he's a psychopath and so the people mocking his poem will have no effect on him at all.
General Bullshit / Re: I think I've broken my foo...
Last post by Mobius - Today at 09:10:02 AM
It didn't just break on its own, you must have banged it
H.S. Art / Boomer memes
Last post by Fambo Number Mive - Today at 09:09:43 AM

- Fairly sure very few people were raised on just egg and chips. I imagine they had it two or three times a week or something. Is this a "fuck healthy eating" or a "fuck getting a meal that fills you up" or both?

- Do children not play outside and get dirty? I don't have any so don't know. We may have the internet and gaming devices, but boomers had television just like us.

- Celebration of corporal punishment. No idea if parents still smack children, but I sometimes walk past parents threatening it. Clearly grammar isn't something they learnt in those days.

- I like the no remote in brackets. "Yeah, we had to get up and change the channel! We were hard!".

- Don't schools still have assemblies each day?

- This one is just bizarre. Fairly sure that most people know films aren't real, just like in the boomer era.

- Like a lot of these, this is just "technology was different then"

- The fucking hose point. Did that many children drink water from a hose?

No, because if you turned out ok you wouldn't be sharing this fucking meme on Facebook.
Picture Box / Re: Watching Breaking Bad For ...
Last post by Old Thrashbarg - Today at 09:06:53 AM
Quote from: SweetPomPom on Today at 08:19:26 AMThe one where Walter and Jesse go down hill in the bath tub to impress Skylar and Nora is pure filler.

It was. But once that bathtub fell through the ceiling it was the logical next step.
General Bullshit / Re: Food tsar calls for massiv...
Last post by Crenners - Today at 09:04:41 AM
Black tea is great but not fannings from a teabag.

Get some good First/Second Flush Darjeeling, absolutely beautiful muscatel briskness, or Chinese Keemun (Qi Men), like a rosy amber colour, addictive orchid aroma. If you want rich mushroom and red wine filtered through soil, you can always try Pu Erh, behemoth of teas.

English Breakfast tea is a fine thing but it's like 'enjoying fruit' and only eating Golden Delicious apples your entire life. The world of tea is unfathomably diverse and wonderful.

Even better, drink green tea. Iron Buddha Oolong, Dragonwell, Gyokuro. You will realise how much of life you wasted.