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August 18, 2022, 09:35:25 PM

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New Belle & Sebastian LP

Started by holyzombiejesus, March 07, 2022, 12:46:29 PM

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Enrico Palazzo

He's a Christian, anti-independence Ayr United fan. Wrong 'un.


Quote from: Enrico Palazzo on March 10, 2022, 03:27:34 PMHe's a Christian, anti-independence Ayr United fan. Wrong 'un.

That is a hat-trick of desperately lame things there, Clive.

For a band that I was once obsessed with, I think less about B&S than most bands these days. They seemed to just lose their spark and charm quite abruptly when they became more "pro".

The beginning of this new song doesn't half sound like 'Hand in Glove'.

Fisher Goes Berserk

Quote from: Clatty McCutcheon on March 10, 2022, 11:22:21 PMThe beginning of this new song doesn't half sound like 'Hand in Glove'.

I immediately thought Church Of The Poison Mind.


Quote from: Clatty McCutcheon on March 10, 2022, 11:22:21 PMThe beginning of this new song doesn't half sound like 'Hand in Glove'.

It certainly does.

But my very first thought was that if you take away the vocal track it sounds like the type of music they would have for the Sky Sports Football coverage.


awful production, bad song, band now: for meffs.


Another new song/video, this one issued in support of the Ukraine situation:


I'm now avoiding any more tracks from the album until it comes out, but what's the general consensious on this new one?


I just this second listened to it and have already forgotten everything about it.



Middle of the road gospel pop. Late 90s car adverts here we come!


Ballad of Ballard Berkley

This is shaping up to be their best album since Scary Monsters.

I quite like the Hand in Glove harmonica one, whatever it's called. It's alright. The latest one is entirely forgettable, but, y'know, at least it will raise some money for a good cause. So that's something. As opposed to nothing.


Hand In Glove one has been stuck in my head a lot, it has definitely grown on me.


Yes it was going around my head last night when I was trying to sleep.

Without wanting to sound like some dreadful indie snob, I've started to think that for me B&S probably never really topped the couple of radio sessions they did in 1996 for Mark Radcliffe - which included songs from Tigermilk that were then impossible to get hold of, giving them an added mystique - I felt like the recorded versions were bit of a disappointment when the album was eventually reissued.

The second one included a slow Velvets-esque arrangement of Seeing Other People that although slightly shambolic I still prefer to the IYFS version, but which was left off the annoyingly selective BBC Sessions album, as was We Rule The School and This Is Just A Modern Rock Song from the same session (and they also irritatingly faded off the last minute or so of I Could Be Dreaming when it goes into a mad freakout while Isobel rambles on about her dreams - did they not think it sounded B&S enough or something?)


For me they never bettered Rhoda


They're like a best friend that you grew up and were really close to but then they moved to London and whilst it's still kind of nice to see them when they come home, they're different and a bit irritating (and have an unhealthy obsession with 19 year old females).

Pauline Walnuts

I only liked their Dog on Wheels EP.


Memorex MP3

They're not really a band you need more than a couple of albums from, are they? Add in the early EPs and a few singles off the next few albums and that's more B&S than I'll ever need.

Dunno if they went totally off the boil creatively after the Life Pursuit but it definitely seemed like most people had had their fill regardless by the time talk of the next album emerged.


I feel like i've found it harder to let go than most other fans who were around since the Jeepster era. The two times I thought they might not be worth sticking with was Dear Catastrophe Waitress and Write About Love, and in both those cases they followed up with a much better album. I have a feeling this new one might be a bit of a dud, but no doubt i'll obsessively listen to it regardless.


For me they were better when they sounded like they'd recorded the songs in a phonebox, but I think that about pretty much every band, possibly because of my appalling lack of musicality. I also indelibly associate them now with an old friend and a bad memory of that friend which has made my avoidance of their last two or three albums even easier.

I concur with whoever said they're still a decent live act, although to be fair it's probably five or six years since I saw them. Surprisingly lively.

Ballad of Ballard Berkley


Sounds like Womble of the Universe for a split second at the very beginning, then stock music for one of those 'friendversary' montages Facebook automatically generates.

Gurke and Hare

Sarah can't do talky bits at the end of the song as well as Isobel could.


Quote from: Ballad of Ballard Berkley on April 22, 2022, 02:30:09 PMAnother new track...

Old and Shit.

Fucking awful. That terrible line about how 'some of us have children and some of us have dogs'!


Jesus Christ what the fuck is that absolute wank


7.36 - every belle and sebastian song for the last 20 years or so