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August 19, 2022, 09:49:08 AM

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Football Thread 2021/22 Part 2 - Matt Le Tosser, Dejan Moron and Thickie Lambert

Started by JamesTC, April 06, 2022, 08:28:47 PM

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Blinder Data

I expected lots of schadenfreude yesterday but strangely I felt sympathetic for the hordes who travelled so far to watch their side lose in the cruellest fashion. Penalties are a shit business.

Still, I'm glad that they didn't win it in Seville. Let's hope the Jambos finish the job on Saturday.

Dark Sexy Dangerous

Quote from: bgmnts on May 19, 2022, 12:28:43 AMAre there many other English clubs that go sport the union flag attire at the football or is it just Rangers?

Quote from: the hum on May 19, 2022, 12:40:34 AMPlenty English clubs with far-right links, but you'd struggle to find many who've contrived the particular fetish Huns fans have.


Fun fact: the loving cup was a gift from Stoke after Rangers participated in a fundraising game following a fire ina colliery.

One for HZJ, maybe - are you aware of pockets of sectarianism around Stoke? I have a Vale supporting mate born in the north of the city in the late 60s, and he tells me it was absolutely rife with bits still going on now. Or is it no more prevalent than other flag shagging postindustrial shitholes?

Joe Qunt




There are days when I wonder how the hell Frank Lampard is still in a job and this is one of them. If Everton stay up, it will be in spite of him, not because of him.

I mean, playing three at the back against Crystal Palace? Is he stupid?


Everton desperately needing a result on the final day can only be good news for Spurs, Clive.


Speaking of London teams, looks like Chelsea have switched their brains off as well...oh hang on, murderer just done a goal.

If your lot don't beat Norwich on the final day, and I hope you do, it will be the Spursiest thing ever.


Even if Everton lose to Arsenal, they need Burnley to pick up two draws and Leeds to beat Brentford to get pulled back in.

Brentford will probably win. Though perhaps Liverpool supporting Toney whose family was recently racially abused by an Everton supporter will not quite have complete motivation to perform.


You really think he's going to hand a win to Leeds just to get at dickhead racist Everton fans? I can't imagine his team mates being too happy with that. By that logic, Conor Coady should score a fuckton of own goals on Sunday.

Nick Pope is singlehandedly saving Burnley's arses atm.

ETA: penalty to Burnley!


There is a difference between scoring own goals and just not giving 100%.


Yeah, but it doesn't make sense for someone to deliberately play badly in the hope that the team he actually plays for will lose and a team he hates will go down.

This guy has a point.
QuoteIt's not the players, it's not the refs or VAR, clubs not doing well this season are doing so because of this horrendous fashion of hiring ex players with absolutely no management experience and putting them in a high pressure job. Hopefully it stops soon coz it hasn't worked for any of them.
Lampard underachieved with Chelsea, that right there should have been a red flag that he is NOT the person to get Everton out of a relegation fight.

Lord Mandrake

Quote from: JamesTC on May 19, 2022, 08:42:25 PMEven if Everton lose to Arsenal, they need Burnley to pick up two draws and Leeds to beat Brentford to get pulled back in.

Whatever it takes, get into the abyss.


It makes me even more fucked off Wednesday didn't go up. My brother and I would have been on opposite sides for the first time since 1996!


There is a difference between deliberately doing something and unconsciously not giving your all. Motivation can play a part especially in a game of fine margins.

As I say, I think Brentford will win.


I'm genuinely happy for Brentford. Talk about succeeding expectations.


GET OFF THE PITCH YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. They'll just buy Palace time.


We want to rip the pitch up dig a massive hole and sink the whole club 😂😂😂


Laughing at the pearl clutching

Who gives a fuck

Oh what if the fans set off a nuke

Yeah what if 😂😂😂



Brentford Vs Leeds
Burnley Vs Newcastle

Leeds and Burnley on the same points, but Burnley have about 20 better goal difference so basically Leeds NEED to win and hope Burnley don't? Both pretty tough games really.


Big Dunc was the only difference

Turns out all we needed was passion


Blofelds Cat

Quote from: Thursday on May 19, 2022, 10:04:19 PMDock Everton points for failing to control their fans.

Ban all the competing teams from the Premier League...oh hang on..


Yes, pitch invasions suck but Everton fans are not the only ones who've done it. I guess Fulham should be yeeted back down to the Championship and Wednesday shouldn't have been allowed into the playoffs either. I can guarantee that if Burnley stay up, and they may well do, their fans will run onto the pitch as well.

Crenners, you lot have still got a very real chance of doing the quad, shouldn't you be more focused on that right now?