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July 16, 2024, 05:25:10 PM

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Lee and Herring rewatch

Started by Shaxberd, May 12, 2024, 11:37:16 AM

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Quote from: non capisco on June 09, 2024, 08:38:59 PMMine told all my mates during their lessons how uniquely shit I was at driving. I'm not even joking, his name was Ian Carr. 



Doesn't the driving instructor character come from a very real place? I remember hearing something about how to this day Rich only drives automatic.

Jerzy Bondov

But can Stewart Lee drive? I struggle to picture it.


I couldnt join in with this because I saw literally all of it a few months ago, then again with commentaries, and think I can say that the highlight of both series is the end of the obscured interview with the magician's assistant when they pan to Rich and the studio lights go up, he walks past the assistant which clearly shows her face and with the milliseconds of visibility left she scurries to hide as Stewart Lee gives a 10/10 idiot thumbs up -

they dont even acknowledge it in the commentary but i'm going with that as my favourite moment, it's the little shake of the hands as he does it like a job well done or something


never caught that before, that's great

Magnum Valentino

I'll get the usual extras uploaded this afternoon hopefully


It's that time again, and we've already come to the end of the first series of Fist of Fun. Here's the usual link:

Fist of Fun, Series 1, Episode 6

Stinky Lomax

A mixed bag this week, I think. Lots of good stuff with slightly weak endings. The cub scouts sketch is good but doesn't have a killer out. The spammo sketch is almost great but doesn't have a really strong reversal to counteract the (intentionally) uncomfortable naturalistic drama. I think they perfected this one with the magician's assistant skit posted earlier. The Quinlack sketch is great and ends well! Peter and the gallery are fine as always, and the general studio banter is fine. The last sketch is fairly rubbish - watching Stew have a full day of debauchery is fun, but the 'spending time with family is boring' stuff is really tired and they don't do anything new with it. The tying together of the boxes, Ant & Dec and the shrine well is almost great but it feels a bit rushed. Nice to get the warehouse ending and the Pete reversal, though, even if they're a little obvious.

I'm looking forward to seeing if season 2 is still my favourite of the two!

dissolute ocelot

Yeah, it was quite good but definite tendency to end sketches in ramped-up wackiness rather than with actual jokes. The Quinlank sketch pulls that off but not all do. I liked Stewart's athletic leap from the couch at the end of the spam girl sketch. Also a nice moment from the opening credits is Stew offering the girl with the boxing gloves a bag of crisps that she's unable to eat. And another Rod Hull reference at the end - more foreshadowing than Dr Who. I liked Peter's balloon, but toilets these days don't seem to have spherical ball-cocks, just some plastic cylinder that gets gunked up with cistern gunk and stops working properly after a couple of years, and looks stupid on the end of a coathanger.

Pink Gregory

aww come on, "Uncle Richard, what is the rudest word in the world?  It is boobies and buuuuuum."


Another dig at comedy I like - the go second at Glam Metal Detectives. Stew said in the commentary that Peter Richardson was upset by that :(
Glad Baddiel got a kicking, though. Something to do with him not doing a sketch of theirs.

I thought the Cubs & Scouts sketch was very funny, particularly Eldon's mad face. In the commentary, Rich said it's based on his own experience of meeting scouts as a cub.

The Marber voodoo doll without actually saying his name was great.

Stew was ever so handsome. When I saw him live last week, the first thing he said when he came out was,
Spoiler alert
William Shatner has let himself go.
It got a big laugh. Sadly, it was funny coz true. Kevin Eldon opened for him, so it was an odd experience in amongst this rewatch.

I liked Stew's jumping on and off the sofa too.

Amazing how far the egg thing went. The ending is horrific and brilliant.

They are very rueful in the commentary about the lack of continuities  across the episodes - few recurring bits, characters, catchprases etc. in those pre-Fast Show days.

Now going to watch the dvd extra of the live L&H gig.

non capisco

I think the last two series 1 episodes were my favourites of that initial run. Eldon is so great in the final Quinlank eggs sketch. I don't know their history with him pre-Fist Of Fun but L&H must have been over the moon to work with someone so perfectly in tune with their particular idiosyncrasies (eg. his delivery of "..like those skellingtons from Jason and the Argonauts). Enjoyed the Raiders Of The Lost Ark ending a lot, had forgotten all about that.

They lucked out with the child actors in this episode, that "dying" cub at the end of the sketch really sold it.

non capisco

Quote from: Stinky Lomax on June 16, 2024, 12:40:31 PMI'm looking forward to seeing if season 2 is still my favourite of the two!

Yeah, same. I know Stew especially has been consistently down on it throughout the years but I remember thinking it the stronger of the two at the time, using new material from some of the ideas in the radio shows like False Rod Hull felt like satisfying world building for those who had been following their stuff. We shall see!

As Laura said, seeing late middle aged Lee and Eldon on the same bill last week right in the midst of this rewatch of their sprightly younger selves was interesting, especially as Lee closed on a joke that was in Fist Of Fun series 1 and Eldon did some meta pisstaking of the "28 years old, I was" gag from TMWRNJ.

Magnum Valentino

Some of these are still uploading but the links should be live soon. As Chris Morris memorably once said, I'm quite about to go to bed.

Night all!

Episode 6 Commentary  -

Episode 6 Studio Rushes -

BONUS! "90s Nostalgia" featurette from the DVD which wasn't alreayd on Youtube -

Sleeve notes:

Spoiler alert
Fist of Fun - Show 6 - Studio Tape

Recorded at BBC TVC (Studio 4), 5 May 1995

Show 6 broadcast 16 May 1995

    RICHARD: I'm definitely gonna get a bit wrong in this first bit. Definitely! So bear with me.
    STEWART: It's nice to know in advance, so you don't get your hopes up...

Another full tape - 1 hr 21 mins. This one however makes for slightly odd viewing because, although still effectively a live vision-mix from the studio, the lion's share of the action is presented via what appear to be a secondary camera angles - which is marvellous if you favour seeing familiar routines (or indeed that week's 'Gall-ery') in Stewart Lee pick-up angle-only or Peter Baynham's section as a continuous close-up with no long-shots, but otherwise renders the whole thing looking slightly askew.

Sadly, this camera feed-anomaly also appears to have affected the few bits of pre-recorded VT present on the tape – the result being that the playback of Show 6's big deleted sketch - Goldilocks and the Three Men – is only preserved here in incomplete soundtrack form (while that same eccentric camera relays creepy live images of the semi-darkened studio, with technicians milling about and Richard patiently watching the monitors)  - an unplanned exercise in cognitive dissonance which Stewart would no doubt insist was "better, in a way..."

Unlike other discarded material from Fist of Fun Series 1, Goldilocks... was at least later considered worth dusting off for use in Series 2 (with a rewritten studio intro involving Rich stealing BBC shirts). A fresh playback of the VT for the audience was arranged but cancelled due to time constraints – and, in the event, the sketch was dropped from the running a second time. Unless, by some freak of good fortune, it's been misfiled or tacked onto the end of a Series 2 studiotape it's probably fair to assume that a full copy of the sketch can be added to the 'lost forever' list.

STOP PRESS: 'Goldilocks' is present on the Series 2 studiotapes. With a bit of luck enough people will buy Series 1 to ensure the rest can be released!

Obliquely presented or not, there's still some fantastic unseen stuff on the Show 6 tape, including an extra scene featuring Ant and Dec ("the Artists Formerly Known as PJ and Duncan") jumping about (a chance for Stewart and Richard to perform the dubious "girls from Byker Grove" exchange which had had student audiences of the 1994 Fist of Fun tour alternately braying loudly or biting their lips with embarrassment, depending on local habits, morals or drunkenness); Richard returning the charred corpse of 'Donny Oddlegs' to Peter (the latter's 'Party Hints' is also expanded here with a marvellous showcasing of a bread-and-toothpaste party cake model of his Balham home), and the studio intro to Goldilocks... which involves Stewart stealing some of Richard's Corn Flakes and discovering - both in-character and in real life - that he really had forgotten how good they taste.

There are also two alternate performances of the same studio routine, one version of which was intended to link to an "incredibly complicated bit of VT" about Stewart selling his soul to appear on TV; the other to the Theory of Relativity item left over from the previous show. "It's a bit like that 'Do The Right Thing' - you have to dial in and say which one you want!" giggles Richard. In the event however the former sketch was never completed as the production ran out of time and money.

Between takes, we can enjoy yet more brief snippets of Kevin Eldon's warm-up, some musing on the veracity of PJ from Byker Grove's blindness, a nice continuity correction from a keen-eyed audience member and some requests from Stewart for Peter Baynham to finally break character, which, as ever, he adamantly refuses to do (although his attempt to get Richard to stay quiet during a retake comes pretty close).

Also of note is Rich's brave attempt to rebel against producer Sarah Smith's wishes by introducing Peter as "The man who stinks of shit" as originally scripted - and his eventual resigned defeat as he's obliged to perform a less profane version during retakes at the end of the session, despite there being, as Stewart notes, "more swearing on Game On..."

Sleeve notes - Champniss & Scott


I am a week behind. Also a weak behind. Episode 5 was really good, I thought.

Young Herring looks great in that beard as Ian Conkey.

And Peter Dibden is very good. Deployment of Herring's special comedy power of the pointless, complicated, self-defeating acronym.

Use of the word "even."

"The man"

Crossover between True Fables and the Italian Pizza place!

Pete's disturbed face as Donny Oddlegs burns.

Jesus as scamp. This probably comes up a lot again in Sunday Heroes but it makes me think of "Lord of the Dance Settee" and the "PC Jesus" cop show Rich came up with on that Charlie Brooker thing.

As someone noted above, the studio stuff was generally good. I really wish this had been more of a fixture in life, that it ran for 12 consecutive episodes instead of 6. Increasing familiarity with the sketch characters would have paid off more biggerly, and it would have been nice to have Rich and Stew do more immediately topical stuff (like they/Rich would later do on TMWRNT and AIOTM I suppose).

dissolute ocelot

In the spam girl bit, Stew seems to imply that rats don't suckle their young, which makes them susceptible to fleas. This is clearly incorrect, and what's more, milk expert Rich doesn't correct him.


Episode 6.

I like that David Baddiel has done negative good. Still true to this day!

"Thank you, cub" feels a bit Serafinowicz, doesn't it? He was watching and learning. Or maybe he was out getting baked and coming to his own conclusions.

Who was Arcala? He was great.

Quinlank was enjoyably extreme. I liked the writing on that one: L&H alt takes on a theme. You can see it later in Stew's work. Makes me think of the Potato Peach Aphid thing.

Spammo is funny but maybe a bit too horrific. I like Rich later doing his link to Peter by saying "earlier we met the girl who smells of spam" in a very cheerful TV presenter tone, like he's on Spring Watch or something. That's up there in fave moments for me.

"Stephen Hawkins's"

Peter's balloon. And the ending.

Ah, that was fab.


Quote from: lauraxsynthesis on June 16, 2024, 08:50:03 PMNow going to watch the dvd extra of the live L&H gig.

If that comes next, we should all watch it next. Before S2E1.

Little pallet cleaner between courses?

Magnum Valentino

The live show has my favourite Stew line maybe ever.

EDIT : which is "and next to him, again, there is another bloke who's tried to copy you by looking like some dog's muck. And he's the one that's done the best."

Senior Baiano

Is that the Cochrane theatre gig?

Magnum Valentino

Yeah, it's on YouTube, here -

dissolute ocelot

While I'm fact-checking, Brunel was born in Portsea in Hampshire, not Devon.

On the other hand, I liked Stew's bewilderment at his waistcoats, and I too after a happy career in cubs, gave up on the Scouts almost immediately because they were too violent.


Quote from: dissolute ocelot on June 17, 2024, 10:25:06 AMIn the spam girl bit, Stew seems to imply that rats don't suckle their young, which makes them susceptible to fleas. This is clearly incorrect, and what's more, milk expert Rich doesn't correct him.

Oh my poor fool.

Do you not see?



That was fun. Been feeling a few little Python Influences throughout the episodes. This was, the boring family photo slides seem a lot like a few Python ones, one before a Spanish Inquisition sketch.

Sally Phillips was great playing it so straight as the Girl Who Smelt of Spam. Was certain she would break into smirks and laughter, maybe cos she has that character trait among many Smack The Point bits.

Favourite bit was when the audience were saying a sympathetic 'Awww' when Pete couldn't get Donny Oddlegs and Rich intervenes shouting not 'Awww'.


I like the little sounds of ennui at the end of the commentary:


Percy Dovetonsils

Lovely thread thanks everyone. Here's something I don't think anyone posted, a useful collection of the freeze frames of this first series, including their willies

Pink Gregory

do enjoy the little Ricky Grover cameo in the scouts sketch


Quote from: Percy Dovetonsils on June 21, 2024, 09:38:21 AMLovely thread thanks everyone. Here's something I don't think anyone posted, a useful collection of the freeze frames of this first series, including their willies

Lovely stuff, even with the miracle of modern video-pausing technology there's things I missed. Love Balham Tandoori appearing in the freeze frames and Peter enjoying some chicken lollies in the limo.


Quote from: Percy Dovetonsils on June 21, 2024, 09:38:21 AMLovely thread thanks everyone. Here's something I don't think anyone posted, a useful collection of the freeze frames of this first series, including their willies

Thanks for that.

I like the appearance of "alway" in that first one.

Also, the background of the "why not try" ones (which I like but are derivative imo of Viz Top Tips) is intriguing. I thought it was a pin board at first but we seem to be looking down onto a table top. Rich did that again later on for the covers of the Warming Up books.

Oh, I recognise that photo on the bottom left in that 'find a new way to dry yourself' image - it's John Bennett and Candace Glendenning in a 1979 episode of Blake's 7.