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July 12, 2024, 07:20:47 PM

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Colin From Accounts Series 2

Started by holyzombiejesus, June 11, 2024, 09:49:07 PM

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This has already come out back in Australia. No news on a UK air date yet but I know the BBC have bought it. In Australia they're showing the episodes weekly rather than all in one go like they did here, so possibly we'll get it once they've all aired over there?

Mister Six

Not familiar with this, but you've reminded me of one of my favourite Flight of the Conchords songs, so thanks for that!


I loved the first season, so I'm hoping this holds up. Best romantic comedy in a long while.

Oh hey it's Broden from Auntie Donna. Also 'nice' to see they brought
Spoiler alert
Darren Gilshenan back as Ashley's step dad since that episode was amazing

Excited for this one, the first season was delightful and I was glad it got quite the slow hype when prime picked it up.

Led Souptin

Really enjoyed the first season - it reminds me a lot of Spaced but without the constant movie references. Qutie gentle but the gag rate is decent and everyone has fantastic and believable chemistry (not just the main two characters who are actually married in real life)

We binged the first four eps last night and found ourselves really laughing out loud quite a lot, especially in episode 4 which i think is probably the best of series so far. It's been a while since we watched the first season but I don't remember the gag rate being this high.

The writing isn't as neat as it could be i think, but it doesnt necessarily have to be. For example the dinner sequence in episode 4 taking shots at super enlightened self absorbed mega hipsters (i know people irl who are EXACTLY like that character) isnt really thematically tied to the rest of the plot in the episode but is incredibly funny.

looking forward to the rest and really hope this gets a season 3!



Any lurkers who didn't see Season 1 would do well to sort that out.


Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler as the creepy sex couple in the latest episode were perfect.


Any idea when it might get shown in the UK?


Quote from: majava on June 18, 2024, 07:31:58 PMWayne Hope and Robyn Butler as the creepy sex couple in the latest episode were perfect.

Oh brilliant, top tier Micallef alumni.


How many episodes is the second series?

I seem to recall the  first series being disappointingly short.


Quote from: Drebin on June 19, 2024, 10:27:13 PMHow many episodes is the second series?

I seem to recall the  first series being disappointingly short.

I think the same length. Eight episodes a season.


Quote from: dead-ced-dead on June 19, 2024, 10:41:54 PMI think the same length. Eight episodes a season.

Thanks. It felt a lot shorter than that.

I must have been watching too many US series.

Finished up in Australia. Here's my take on the season;

It looses a bit of the romcom charm of the first season and takes more a deep dive into Ash and Gordon's personal lives alone and together while remaining very funny. Less focus on dog antics, even there are plenty of those, and Lynelle(and Lee) get bumped to main cast pretty much for this season with Darren Gilshenan performance of Lee still being among the best the show have. They do humanize him a bit this season but keep bringing home he is just a creepy weirdo. Overall great season.

Spoilers for the back end of the series.
Spoiler alert
Having recently dealt with a death very close to my family unit the last three(but mostly the two ones before the season finale) episodes dealing with a visit to the Crapp family in Yass and Gordon's dad passing away during the visit
hit extremely hard personally, there's no sugarcoating how shit Gordon's family treats Ash and he can't really stand up to them which feels realistic and kind of sad. It ends on a predictable note but it's done well so it's hard to dislike.


Yeah, I watched the whole season over the course of this weekend and thought, much like the first, it was really charming, pleasant and funny. The leads just have such excellent chemistry. After waiting so long for the second season I'm a bit sad that I'm already done with it.

non capisco

Tanned series two today and thought it was every bit as good as the first one. Pretty much yearning for more after that final shot.


Onto episode three and I hope their conflict dies down a bit. That's not what I enjoy most about this show.

I'm also starting to like Gordon less.


Watched 5 eps so far and loving it. Every bit as good as the first season if not better.

The episode where

Spoiler alert
she goes missing is tense as fuck. Didn't expect it. Really enjoyed it.