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July 12, 2024, 05:48:28 PM

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The Simpsons: A Journey Through Shit

Started by JamesTC, January 08, 2021, 11:12:10 PM

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Quote from: Stinky Lomax on June 13, 2024, 04:10:23 PMHow was the download speed?
Not bad, maxing out at around 10-15MB/s but I'm pretty sure the Pi4 USB3/ethernet is the bottleneck now. Also I made a booboo by using NTFS rather than ext3/4, so the setup is not exactly optismised at this point

Forgot to mention that this episode introduces a new character, the 'brother' of Comic Book Guy, Vintage Jeans Collector Guy.

I'm not making this up.


Since this thread is back up here, if you ever think "cringe" doesn't objectively exist, this from a few weeks ago will change your mind

It's so bad it's almost beyond comprehension. Americans trying to be self-aware about their weird tipping system but somehow looking more ignorant. Also you might not realise but the song and the music video visuals is a parody of "Planet of the Bass" which is already a parody of 90s Eurodance with deliberately broken English, so it's basically just piggybacking someone elses joke.

dissolute ocelot

The browser on my phone keeps recommending articles from sites like Screen Rant minutely analysing recent Simpsons episodes, full of stories about what the show is doing right and wrong: how the new season is great because it focuses on Marge and Homer and how its major weakness is that it doesn't focus on Bart and Lisa. I'm stunned to learn that there are still critics watching this shit and coming up with complex theories about the difference between individual episodes. Today "The Bob's Burgers Movie Proved It Has Something The Simpsons Is Missing". A father with an actual job?