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August 10, 2022, 06:38:06 AM

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Comedy Chat / Re: Little & Large Xmas specia...
Last post by Tony Yeboah - Today at 06:37:16 AM It's Saturday Night on BBC One!

Quite liked the Cagney and Lacey joke. The library music adds the energy that Sid can't quite manage.
Oscillations / Re: Unexpected pictures of mus...
Last post by Glebe - Today at 06:35:29 AM
Comedy Chat / Re: Cum Town Podcast
Last post by Noodle Lizard - Today at 06:33:12 AM
Might go and see Nick in Irvine next week. Sounds like he could use the ticket sales.
Hustings in Darlington last night.

QuoteSunak says he wants to "stand up to this leftie woke culture that seems to want to cancel our history, our values and our women".


Sunak also claimed he will move Downing Steeet staff to Darlington if he wins.

Meanwhile Truss says she would vote to end the privileges committee enquiry into Johnson if there was a vote. At the end of the debate, she apologised to the debate host, Tom Newton Dunn, for being "mean about the media" during the debate. Newton Dunn replied it was "cheap, and you know it".

QuoteQ: Was Johnson to blame for his own downfall?

Some members of the audience shout that it the media was to blame. Truss says she would not want to disagree with the excellent audience

QuoteQ: How are you going to get civil servants back into the office when people at the top are all remainers?

Truss says she is good at getting things done.

Such a Tory question.
Oscillations / Re: Unexpected pictures of mus...
Last post by The Mollusk - Today at 06:29:06 AM
Oscillations / Re: Best introductions to song...
Last post by bushwick - Today at 06:24:02 AM
This is one of my favourite intros to one of my favourite UK dance tracks. I used to go mental to this. Classic bait-and-switch cheekiness as you're expecting "AT FIRST I WAS AFRAID, I WAS PETRIFIED" but you get an exciting AF rave riff instead:

Deeper Into Movies / Re: Messed-up kids movies
Last post by fucking ponderous - Today at 06:23:45 AM
Mouse Hunt has been a favorite of mine for a while. Plotwise it's not that unusual for a kids movie but visually it sort of feels like Coens circa Miller's Crossing or Barton Fink, and there are quite a few deaths.

I watched maybe the first hour of Return to Oz late at night a while and my god it's bleak. It just feels so desolate. Totally devoid of cheer. I'll have to watch the whole thing.
Quote from: sevendaughters on Yesterday at 07:03:37 AMBiden is being transparent as fuck of late.

That'll be the two doses of Covid...
The whole dumpster full of Kardashians
Still baffled that Trump's time in the public eye didn't end at this precise moment, let alone that he went on to win the fucking thing.

The USA is a failed state.