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Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkingtons On Cinema podcast

Started by RickyGerbail, November 26, 2011, 11:46:21 AM

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Petey Pate

I thought this week's guest was very good, but I would like to see Gregg on the show again and it was very unfair for Tim to ban him.  On Cinema won't be the same without his expertise.  Come back Gregg!

Petey Pate

QuoteDear Friends of On Cinema:

I just got off a very long phone call with Gregg Turkington. It was emotional, intense at time but in the end, very positive and constructive.

Friday was a very hard day. If you saw the exchanges between us on twitter, you know what I'm talking about. Gregg and I both said things we didn't mean. I really regret banning him from the show and I know Gregg regrets accusing me of rigging the "Stump the Buff" quiz.

Today (Ironically, Easter) We reached an agreement that I want to share with you.

-Gregg's new official title will be: "Featured Resident Guest and Film Expert"
- I will maintain and continue the responsibility of choosing guests for the show and podcast, and when possible consult with Gregg about guests.
- Gregg will continue to produce additional segments for On Cinema and will be credited as a Consulting Producer for these segments.

Finally, I want to thank all who submitted auditions. I really enjoyed watching them and hopefully in the future I can work with some of you. Your insights into film would be a great addition to the On Cinema Family.


Tim Heidecker
Host of On Cinema Podcast and On Cinema At The Cinema

Petey Pate

Looks like the audio version of the podcast is back, though the video series has ended (for now).  I can't listen to it yet but I'm sure this won't be the last we'll hear from the On Cinema family.


the first episode of go pro show is today. dunno when it gets put on the web though.


Quote from: RickyGerbail on April 15, 2013, 12:06:11 PM
the first episode of go pro show is today. dunno when it gets put on the web though.

It also seems to be an episode every day this week, ending Saturday. A strange way to do it, but I guess with Youtube they want it out there ASAP to grab the views/ad revenue.

Petey Pate

Here's a better link for today's podcast.  It appears that they're doing the audio podcast while the video show is on hiatus.

Dusty Substance

Latest episode appears to be "unauthorized" by Tim Heidecker and was recorded and uploaded by "one of the guests", thus sparking another entertaining exchange of words on Twitter.

Might be worth downloading and keeping as, due to a music choice, it's unlikely it'll be around for long.

Petey Pate

Petey Pate

Good news, Tim has gone ahead with the surgery and season 3 of the webisode series has now started, and features a new 'On Birthday' segment.  Bad news, Tim is now going through a divorce - let's hope the quality won't be affected by this setback too much.

Noodle Lizard

So it's on adultswim now?  Wonder why ThingX couldn't keep up with it.  Maybe something to do with the JASH contract.


Thing X wasn't popular enough, so everything's been moved to Adult Swim's website.

Petey Pate

Thing X has always been a subsidiary of Adult Swim anyway, as far as I was aware.


Noodle Lizard

Quote from: Dusty Substance on July 24, 2013, 09:51:34 PM
Latest episode of On Cinema is the best for a while.

Gregg's smug look to the camera when he catches Joe Estevez out regarding 'The Nutty Professor' remake being better than the original is hilarious.

It's good that they've brought in new segments to liven it up a bit.  The old format of just them talking about two movies with the same kinds of "awkward moments where Tim is awkward" was getting a little tiring.

Tiny Poster


I very much enjoyed the line "Wolverine travels to Japan for a battle that will leave him forever changed..."

Petey Pate

Liked the bit on Tim and Gregg "seeing a movie for the first time together" and actually bonding.  There's always been a running gag of Gregg trying to include Tim in his life outside the show and Tim avoiding him or making up excuses.  It'd be interesting if they develop this further, as it could change the dynamic of their relationship on the show.  Maybe Tim will bite the bullet and start wearing the On Cinema uniform for the first time next week.

Jackson K Pollock

Just caught up with these last night, so thanks for bumping this thread or I'd have missed them.

Not terrible, by any means, but I think I'm slightly tiring of Tim's long-form, awkward comedy - largely because of the cooking show thing on Jash, which looked (at first) like it was just going to be a kitchen-based retread of this.

It's a weird one, because sometimes I will laugh like a drain at this, and other times it will wash over me entirely, and I don't know if it's because I'm watching a 'bad episode' or I'm just not in the mood. How do you even tell with anti-comedy?

Anyway, the best nice laugh for me was in the first episode back, where Tim was talking about his wife initially not wanting him to get the life-saving surgery, but they talked about it, and the upshot was
Spoiler alert
"so now I'm divorced."

That at least thoroughly tickled me.

But I can't overlook that I listened to a joke-free audio podcast for a year straight - because of who was involved - waiting for it to become funny. And then it did. But was it worth it?

Um, I don't know. Sorry.

Jackson K Pollock

Yup, absolutely love it - but that was several years ago now.

Tiny Poster

Petey Pate

Jackson K Pollock

I don't know if I would accept this from other shows, but one of the things I like about this is that you can watch it for about a month and barely crack a smile, but when it all eventually kicks off it can be absolutely hilarious.

I've never enjoyed the On Location reports (I get it, they're shoddily done), but I was in tears of laughter watching the latest one - the
Spoiler alert
wink to camera,
Spoiler alert
"CASE CLOSED" graphic
, and the
Spoiler alert
superbly smug music
was absolute comedy gold.

Be interested to see where the show goes from here. I've always hoped that Gregg might one day get to fill in as a host, but that looks unlikely for the time being, unless he starts his own off-shoot show.

Tiny Poster

Yeah, that was a good one.

In related news, Tim is releasing another album with Davin Wood soon.

Petey Pate

Quote from: Jackson K Pollock on August 15, 2013, 09:56:19 AM
I don't know if I would accept this from other shows, but one of the things I like about this is that you can watch it for about a month and barely crack a smile, but when it all eventually kicks off it can be absolutely hilarious.

Its strange isn't it?  Its tests the breaking point of stretching out deliberate awfulness before delivering the payoff that justifies it all, like a Andy Kaufman routine stretched over the course of weeks rather than in minutes.  I watch it every week mainly because I'm interested in how the drama between Tim and Gregg is going to develop, but usually it doesn't do much other than cause me to grin throughout.  The last couple of episodes have been brilliant though, genuinely laugh out loud funny, with Tim getting more aggressive and antagonistic, building up to this week's pathetic tantrum.

By the way, Tim is actually correct (for once) about Star Trek II.

Jackson K Pollock

Yeah, that's a brilliant touch.

The argument also stems back to one of the very earliest (and funniest) of the audio podcasts, if I'm not mistaken.

Johnny Townmouse

Consistently very good from my point of view. I loved the subtlety of the whole 'case closed' segment and the use of the graphics (and the same stock garageband music as used by Adam Buxton on 6music!)