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August 09, 2022, 02:02:31 AM

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The new "What Stand Up Have You Seen Lately?" thread

Started by Small Man Big Horse, July 16, 2016, 08:16:30 PM

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Yeah - it's great. One of the best things I saw back in August and a mystifying absence from the comedy award shortlist.

Saw David O' Doherty at the Albert hall in Manchester last week. Apparently the biggest venue he'd played in the city. Incredible atmosphere in the room from start to finish. Can anyone think of a more consistent stand up performer over the last decade? I've seen DOD maybe 6 or 7 times and have never seen a below par show.

CaledonianGonzo he's got bigger I find that his material has got broader and more observational.  I think he's a funny guy, but I honestly can't imagine ponying up to go and see him in an enormo-hall.



Just been to see Sean Lock.
Well, I thought it was going to be Sean Lock. It turned out to be Moby!

Weird night. I thought it was mostly fucking hilarious, but the reaction in the room was pretty muted.
That's shit Cambridge audiences for you though. For some reason they're always rotten in the Corn Exchange.


Ended up on my todd last night and managed to get a last minute return for Emma Sidi at Soho Theatre.

Was excited to see the show as I'd seen her on a mixed bill where she was flipping great.

Didn't disappoint at all. An hour of lovely silliness - much of it in Spanish - with a clever use of structure to come at the same character from different angles. She's a brilliant performer too and kept the energy up for the whole hour. Really impressed, will def check whatever she does next.


Sat front row for a work in progress show by Alexei Sayle earlier. Bits from Thatcher Stole... and brand new stuff that he forgot a couple of times. Made me laugh so much. A hero of mine.

Small Man Big Horse

Rob Delaney - I'm a huge fan of Catastrophe and the missus bought me his book which I enjoyed a lot, so I was surprised by how very average this was. There was a hell of a lot of material about wanking, some ironic misogyny about wanting his wife to be a man so he could hit her, and jokes about his annoying kids / being old, but that was about it. Some of it was funny and he's without a doubt very likeable but I walked away feeling that it was slightly disappointing overall.

Small Man Big Horse

Evelyn Mok: Hymen Manoeuvre - An hour long show about how Evelyn lost her virginity at 25 to another stand up comedian, along with a couple of stories about her parents / grandparents. Started well but went off the boil half way through, and the big reveal - that shock horror, she didn't enjoy the experience that much - was over played given that pretty much everyone I know didn't enjoy losing their virginity. Evelyn apologised at the end for it not being that great, so may have just had a bit of an off night, but it was a shame as whilst she showed potential ultimately it all felt a bit nothing-y, and was definitely lacking strong punchlines.


Simon Amstell: What Is This? - It was a bad idea for me to listen to Amstell's audiobook over the weekend before this show, as all of the material is straight from the book. I've enjoyed his earlier sets, even if they were sometimes a bit too self-indulgent and overly reliant on painfully honest confessions instead of jokes. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Amstell hadn't really transformed the stories from his book to make them proper comedy bits. The punchlines were all in the book, but they weren't really funny enough to tie off such long stories. They seemed more like humourous asides. It felt unfinished and ended quite quickly (I think he did less than an hour). Perhaps I would be more positive if I didn't know every joke already, but I tend to enjoy plenty of comics material more than once. I was just surprised that he thought the content from his book was good enough for his entire stand-up set. His support act Mawaan Rizwan was really funny though.


Saw Joe Morpurgo's latest show tonight, it was great. 

Small Man Big Horse

Quote from: billyandthecloneasaurus on October 18, 2017, 12:25:33 AM
Saw Joe Morpurgo's latest show tonight, it was great.

Yeah, I saw it on Monday night and loved it. Think Soothing Sounds was very slightly better but still loved this to pieces, and it made me laugh a ridiculous amount.

Lost Oliver

Not sure whether to create a thread for this but I'm off to see Sadowitz in a couple of weeks and can't wait. Seen him four times before but he's always an experience and I can't wait. Any other verbwhores going to the Manc gig on the 18th?

Small Man Big Horse

Rob Kemp - The Elvis Dead - Absolutely loved this, the lyrics have been carefully altered to make the songs a huge amount of fun and Rob's a great physical comedian too.

Dex Sawash

Daughter wanted to "buy" me John Mulaney tix for xmas but it got sold out. Dodged one there.

Small Man Big Horse

Quote from: Dex Sawash on November 19, 2017, 03:05:49 PM
Daughter wanted to "buy" me John Mulaney tix for xmas but it got sold out. Dodged one there.

I quite like Mulaney. I mean that sitcom was appalling but I watched The Comeback Kid and it made me laugh a fair bit, it's not groundbreaking stuff but it's consistently funny. Plus he's such a hottie!

Ray Travez

Simon Amstell- what is this?

Felt similar to Up the Hampipe. I really like Amstell, but I felt this show leant to heavily on his familial relationships, particularly his father. For me, this was already dealt with (brilliantly) in Grandma's House...

personally, I'm just not that interested in hearing a(ny) comedian discussing their parental issues. I prefer Amstell when he's talking about ayahuasca or new age spirituality, that's kind of his USP in my view. Ended abruptly, as Hampipe said. Suddenly What is this? was what was that?

Support act was very funny, really enjoyed the songs. Amstell was funny too, but I felt at times I'd simply heard a bit of a transcript from one of his therapy sessions. I dunno, I really like Amstell, and I don't want to sound like I'm moaning, but I probably do.

Ray Travez

I don't think I'm that good at reviews. Some other people I saw this year who I couldn't find the words to write about at the time-

The People vs Reginald D Hunter- reused the best bit from his last tour. Still, I always enjoy seeing him. I have to say, I liked him more in the early days. I think that being at the centre of too much controversy a few times has knocked a few of the rough edges off his live performance- to me, the most interesting parts.

Forum bête noire Andrew Lawrence- The Hate Speech Tour- interesting. Not sure if you can use "it's a tester joke" as an escape hatch to avoid accusations of racism. If the audience had laughed, would we have got his full Enoch Powell routine? Some very funny bits, a couple of dodgy bits, some bits that were just angry rants- a mixed bag. I still like him and think he's probably mostly misunderstood, but like Morrissey, he makes himself hard to defend at times.

Bobby Mair/ Garrett Millerick/ Mark Watson @ Group Therapy- this was a great night. Particularly like Bobby Mair, I'd like to see him a lot more

Bridget Christie- Because You Demanded It- found her very likeable. Enjoyed the show. Would have liked to see Brexit get more of a kicking, but at the time I saw her, she seemed a bit bored of the topic (understandably).

Small Man Big Horse

I appreciate your reviews Ray, just so you know.

Jen Kirkman: The All New Material, Girl Tour - Caught her tonight at the Soho theatre and really enjoyed her set. Possibly due to the fact that she did lots of stuff about how it feels to be 43, and we're the same age, but the material was tight and consistently funny throughout. She's here for the rest of the week and I'd definitely recommend people see her if they can, and I'm not just saying that as she gave me a signed copy of her book for free. It's a factor, sure, but not the only thing.


Forgot this thread existed.

Saw Tony Law last week and, of course, he was marvelous.
I love his when he has a full house and everyone's going along with it*.
2 hours flew by.

*I don't think you can stop to analyse Mr Tony's material!

Ray Travez

Quote from: Small Man Big Horse on January 29, 2018, 10:38:47 PM
I appreciate your reviews Ray, just so you know.

Cheers, SMBH. In the past I would've given you karma, you lovely man!

Famous Mortimer

A load of my workmates went to see Tiffany Haddish the other day, and said she was apparently rubbish. I quite liked her hosting SNL, but I'm glad I forgot about it til after it happened now.


Quote from: DrGreggles on January 29, 2018, 10:47:27 PM
Forgot this thread existed.

Saw Tony Law last week and, of course, he was marvelous.
I love his when he has a full house and everyone's going along with it*.
2 hours flew by.

*I don't think you can stop to analyse Mr Tony's material!

Glad to hear this. I wanted tickets for his Belfast show so badly that I kept checking the sold out website every day and sure enough another few popped up for sale. Very much looking forward to it


I saw Alun Cochrane last night. Seen him a few times before, and he's always been excellent (he's great on the Frank Skinner radio show too). However, he had a nightmare - really bad gig. Admittedly, Bradford is probably the wrong city in which to do a joke with the punchline "People who follow Islam all want to kill us anyway", but he really didn't help himself.

Really poor.

Small Man Big Horse

Caught Marc Maron at the Royal Festival Hall tonight as Mrs SMBH is a big fan, and I like him a fair deal too. Josie Long opened and did about 15 minutes most of which disappointed (and I'm normally a fan), the material was about how she's treated on social media and she had some nice lines, but it felt a bit weak overall. Maron was great though, according to a notice outside the room he was only supposed to be doing 50 minutes but he pretty much did double that and I think that was due to the really positive audience reaction, plus he was on great form tonight.


I've been to loads of shows in the comedy festival in Melbourne while not doing my own show, but virtually none of it has been stand-up. I think the only stand-up I've seen has been Tim Key and Laura Davis, who were/are both phenomenal.

Barry Beano

(Removed by request)


Quote from: Barry Beano on April 17, 2018, 02:30:21 AM
Simon Munnery. He was really good. He threw away exceptional one-liners, as if they were nothing.

I do think he's a bit influenced by Stewart Lee, and similar others, but he was awesome!

Hasn't Lee admitted that it's very much the opposite of that?

Small Man Big Horse

I saw Jim Gaffigan at the Leicester Square Theatre a week thursday ago as a friend gave me a ticket as a birthday present, I have to confess that I wasn't much of a fan beforehand but he impressed me that night, the material was less bland than in the previous specials I'd seen, and the sections relating to his wife's brain tumour made me laugh a great deal. He got a good few rounds of applause, and deservedly so, and I'd definitely see him again in the future.