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Extremely small moments in comedy that make you laugh way more than intended

Started by Tikwid, May 01, 2018, 01:28:40 AM

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The toilet explosion in Holiday on the Buses. It's that combined sound of the bang and the shattering porcelain and Stan yelling 'OOOOOHH!"

Ralph Wiggum in King Size Homer: 'I heard your dad went into a restaurant and ate everything in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant'.

The chase in the hotel corridor in the South Park episode, 'Cartman Joins NAMBLA'

The way Basil Fawlty shouts 'LISTEN TO IT!!!!!' when explaining the fire alarm in 'The Germans'.

Mr Bean stabbing the camera thief through the holes in the rubbish basket.

Tim-nice-but-dim's line in the Harry Enfield spoof of Titanic: 'Welcome aboard the Titanic!' 'It's a bloody good ship, hasn't sunk yet!'

The musical chairs sketch in Jam where the mum is throwing the other kids across the room.

McBain as Radioactive Man: 'My eyes! The goggles do nothing!'

Sebastian Cobb

Another Bottom one - Richie's "What do you mean 'where's the rest of it?'" in a mocking neanderthal voice when mocking Mr 55p in s'sup.

Claude the Racecar Driving Rockstar Super Sleuth

15 Storeys High

Vince is on the phone to a pub landlord: "Remember me? I had the Scottish ten pound note. Pointed out there's no K in "scampi" _ and one M."



Even more Bottom:

"Get the ambulance!"
"We haven't got an ambulance!"

Oldest joke in the world, but still gets a big laugh from me.

Autopsy Turvey

The Marcus Browning MP monologue from Rowan Atkinson's Live In Belfast LP: "Because we don't want to end up, do we? ...We don't want to end up... do we?"


"I have to be in Rome tomorrow, for an audience with the pope"
"Oh my God, I love those shows! Did you see the one with Elton John?"
My late mum, who loved Blackadder but had a complete comedy blind spot with Father Ted, nearly fell off her chair laughing at that. Perhaps it's not "extremely small" enough though.


More Bottom: in "Break", as Richie panics about missing the coach for their holiday:

RICHIE: Just concentrate on the clock!

EDDIE: Right. *glaring intensely at the clock* Clock. Clock. Clock.

And then another small moment that makes me laugh, only a few seconds later:

RICHIE: Have I done everything? Have I done everything...? UH! UH! UH! MILK! MILK! MILK!

The way he leans in as close as humanly possible to Eddie's ear just to scream MILK at eardrum-eviscerating volume.


The bloke on the tall bike in the crowd near the end of Every Sperm Is Sacred. Cracks me up every single time.


Chris Bell's fall down the hill. The fact that it looks like it morphed into a genuine fall makes it even funnier


The Young Ones episode ( it might be 'Bambi') when Vyvyan stuffs a whole doughnut (i think) into his mouth, and then gives the man behind the counter a 'V' sign, always makes me laugh without fail


Mac telling Charlie that if he wanted chips he should have got some at 'the hamburger store'.

Always crack up at 'hamburger store'.


From On The Hour:

Home Secretary Kenneth Baker said, 'The day of the Yahoo is upon us.'"

The brilliant Willy Ross from Brass Eye, walking into the Bank of England dressed up as a little city gent:


Mac's introduction as Vic Vinegar has probably given me the most consistent laughs of any moment from any show.

Sebastian Cobb

Quote from: Cuellar on May 09, 2018, 02:13:46 PM
Mac telling Charlie that if he wanted chips he should have got some at 'the hamburger store'.

Always crack up at 'hamburger store'.

When mac says there are two gay people on the boat and Charlie says 'who's the other one?' and the rest of the gang laugh and Charlie looks really confused then joins in with exaggerated laughter.

"Ted, you remember that fella, who was so good at fashion, they had to shoot him?"

"Allo!" "Zere ees no Crilly 'ere"

"Oh and Crilly, if you ever try to bullshit me again, I'll rip off your arms".

Sebastian Cobb

Bishop Brenan in a Jacuzzi with his mistress as he's bollocking Ted over the phone.


Replies From View

Curb Your Enthusiasm:  the episode where Larry has bought sunglasses as a gift for Jeff's ungrateful mum, and to finish it off he's looking for wrapping paper, sellotape and "a scissor".

I just love the use of the term "a scissor".  I don't know if it's a standard term for people living where Larry lives, but to me it hilariously emphasises the gulf between himself and the world of ordinary folk who populate the shops he's visiting.

Sebastian Cobb

I've only seen the clip in isolation but the scene where Larry gets chucked out of yoga for refusing to say 'namaste' and how he justifies it with 'I don't sing the birthday song'.


In the Charlie Work ep of Always Sunny, whenever he walks away from Dee. "Ohhh that bitch"



Quote from: Otisberg on May 09, 2018, 10:09:12 AM
Chris Bell's fall down the hill. The fact that it looks like it morphed into a genuine fall makes it even funnier

Everything about CHRIS BELL'S FISHING REPORT is perfect.

Wassis? One of your wife's stockings?


Quote from: Ornlu on May 09, 2018, 09:13:49 PM
In the Charlie Work ep of Always Sunny, whenever he walks away from Dee. "Ohhh that bitch"
That's my current text message alert sound.


The triumphant way Brian Butterfield declares "We DON'T have toilets either!" in the Butterfield Sports Restaurant sketch.



The Day Today - Steve Coogan as an Elvis fan answering a question on whether this method of execution may tarnish the memory of The King.

"mm y'could be right there"

Always gets me going.

Twit 2

Another Always Sunny, Chardee...part 2: Frank's evil laugh after he's tied them up in the basement. So gleefully absurd. DeVito is just incredible in that show. The standard of comedic performance is so high that it's easy to forget how exceptional it is and just take it for granted; he's just knocking it out of the park every single episode. Up there with Alexander/Costanza as the greatest ever sitcom acting/character, surely.

In Friends (yeah, I know), Chandler's "what?" in reaction to the Holiday Armadillo gets me every time. Also Joey's audition for the Purina ad ("POINT to a bag today!), something about the delivery just cracks me up.


Mort Meyers (Jeff Garlin) in Arrested Development, in a brief aside to some studio temp: 'BRAND NEW CARS DON'T GET WAXED'

Blue Jam

Quote from: Sebastian Cobb on May 09, 2018, 04:23:17 PM

Oh yes... and related to that, Dougal's rant about Jaws 2:

"It's a different film, Ted! It's a very different film! It's a different shark!"