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August 18, 2022, 01:42:11 AM

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Extremely small moments in comedy that make you laugh way more than intended

Started by Tikwid, May 01, 2018, 01:28:40 AM

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Quote from: Ferris on June 22, 2022, 07:17:20 PMSuperb.

Despite the odd dodgy joke and the tedious bloke Cleese has become, some bits of FT genuinely make me laugh in a way that nothing else can. I think Basil reminds me slightly of my dad so it's a primal hilarity trigger or something.
Basil reminds me utterly of his dad. The bit where the kid says he didn't like some food and Basil says, "You liked half of it..." or similar is my dad.


I was waiting in the Chinese restaurant for the takeaway, and observed the diners with plates and plates of various meats, and Derek & Clive popped into my head, talking about the Queen Mum and her eleven heaps of shit.... "she dipped into 'em"... Marvellous.


Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura Pet Detective walking into the party and as he casually walks past, pulling at the violinist's sleeve so he plays an extremely duff note, gets me every time.


The Reece thread has got me thinking about Geoff and how much his delivery gets me laughing, even when the lines aren't comedic.

There's a bit in LOG Series 3 where Mike visits him and Geoff simply says "What do you want?" but the slightly faltering delivery and blunt intonation makes me laugh every time.

"What... d'you want?"


I've been re-watching New Girl and I love Lamorne Morris as Winstone. He has these wonderfully awkward line deliveries when the character is flustered around women, but his delivery of "Shawty, what that thang do?!" is sooo funny.

The fact you you can see him regret it as he's saying it is just the icing.

The Mollusk

In S1E1 of Nirvanna The Band The Show when they're parodying Jurassic Park all the way through, the split second before the credits roll and there hasn't been any gags for a minute or two and it suddenly cuts to the end shot from JP with the bird flying over the ocean I absolutely fucking howl every time. There's nothing intrinsically funny about it, in fact it's the editing and the way the credits explode in immediately after that ties it up so well but it's because of the amazing energy the show has that the inclusion of that tiny shot is just incredible.

fucking ponderous

Had Peep Show on as background noise while working yesterday. In "University Challenge", just as funny as Jeremy's "And that's good, is it?" is MacLeish's quiet rejoinder that he doesn't actually care for that particular author. The fact that he feels the need to defend his taste against such a half-assed insult is so funny to me, and adds a nice touch of insecurity to the character, who's basically just an insecure bully. Show was great at realistic little supporting character moments like that, indicating a whole other world that never gets explored- see also "I. Would like. To bang her."

The Mollusk

Saw another Big Train one earlier. In the hot cakes/too many cooks sketch. At the end when Peter redeems himself there's an anonymous other cook behind him who leans forward and gives him a little smiley encouraging push on the shoulder. Whole sketch is class but that tiny bit right at the end seals it

Russ L

Leslie Nope: [Something ribald, I forget what, it doesn't matter] if you know what I mean...
Perd Hapley: Hahahahahaha... I don't know what you mean, but it had the cadence of a joke!

(Edit: The eagle-eyed will spot that I meant to post this in the other pinned thread).

Epic Bisto

Richard Herring explaining on an episode of TMWRNJ:  "There's all kinds of milk: cow milk...winkie milk..."

It doesn't help that I may have broken a rib and that even thinking of this line causes me to burst into laughter and pain.