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August 10, 2022, 06:18:27 AM

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Started by ImmaculateClump, May 19, 2021, 09:20:15 AM

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Have you ever played Neko Navy? It's very accessible but also potentially bullet hell mental if you get into it.

Very fun, simple gameplay mechanics, quite daft and funny art style and enemies.

Clump will have much more to say than I can on it but I'd say it's one of the best horizontal shmups on the Switch by far.

Quote from: Kelvin on August 06, 2022, 09:45:17 AMIs this thread only for

It's for fucking anything at this stage, to be honest.
You won't leave, will you?
Do you want another drink? I'll bake a cake. Everyone likes cake!
It's for everything, shmups, shmup-adjacent games like twin stick shooters, games with bullet hell elements. Anything that gets your shooting juices flowing.

I'm gonna say something that you won't believe, but I assure you it's 100% true.
Bullet hell games are easier than none bullet hell games. They are way more newb friendly.
People see the amount of bullets on screen and get frightened, but the bullets are a lot slower, giving you way more time to improvise and react, and hori bullet hells don't tend to have scenery that can kill you, and they often give you a lot more ways of dealing with the bullets like hypers, autobombs etc.
It's totally counter intuitive, I know, but it is true.

Pretty much all shmups have an easy or novice difficulty setting where you can just chill and have fun.

Black Bird might be good. It's an amazing ride, and you can shoot the powerups, making sure you collect a feather every time and rack up loads of extra lives.
The only time it really goes bullet hell is the final boss, which might prove to be a bit of a wall.
The normal mode is a sort of tutorial and you unlock "true" mode when you complete it.

Neko Navy on easy should be a lot of fun, but it is bullet hell.

Cotton Reboot Arrange mode is nice and chill. Again, it's bullet hell.

The deathsmiles and deathsmiles 2 collection would be great. They are bullet hell, but both games feel like a proper adventure and are designed to be beginner friendly.
Deathsmiles 1 was my first cave 1cc.

Remember that you can just credit feed your way through these games if you like, you'll find yourself using less credits each time you play and get better.

I would just pick one that you like the look of and take that approach. Don't get upset when you die, just treat it as a fun spectacle and experiment.

Quote from: Crenners on August 06, 2022, 12:13:13 PMHave you ever played Neko Navy? It's very accessible but also potentially bullet hell mental if you get into it.

Yeah, I think that's probably the best one to go with. Type "neko navy easy 1cc" into youtube and see if it looks doable.


Looked at all of those. Cotton Reboot looks cool, Deathsmiles too, to a slightly lesser extent.

Neko Navy's art is horrible, really juvenile, but I admit it does look fun to play, and looking elsewhere online everyone's saying how good it is...

Black Bird is probably fun, but watching the gameplay, it doesn't really look like the type of more classic (read: nostalgic) gameplay I'm looking for.

Are there any games you'd recommend with the more traditional aesthetic of spaceships vs alien armadas. I'm not really into all these anime witches, or flying cartoon cats - even though I'll probably give Cotton Reboot a go.  

Quote from: Kelvin on August 06, 2022, 01:42:55 PMNeko Navy's art is horrible, really juvenile

Yeah, the guys style can be a bit marmite. That's fair if you're not feeling it.

Rolling Gunner is bullet hell, but it has a novice mode that keeps things nice and slow and it'll fill up the fullscreen nicely playing portable. No daft cats or lasses, but it does have this mechanic that might take a little while to get your head around, the guns rotate in the oposite direction you move and you hold down fire to lock them in place. It sounds more complicated than it is, and you don't really have to be a dab hand at that to get through the novice mode.

Prehistoric Isle 2 is a lot of fun, that's pretty oldschool. You're a helicopter and you fight dinosaurs.

I'm not sure about Andro dunos 2, it might prove a little tricky even on journey mode, but it definitely ticks the oldschool box.


Super Hydorah is a more modern take on old-school horizontal shmup. I really enjoyed it despite not liking the horis so much.

Rolling Gunner is superb, I loved it.

Black Bird is actually very old school, Kelv. It plays almost identically to Fantasy Zone but the art and soundtrack is really original and quite weird. Not my fave but it's very well rated.

Maybe G-Darius? It's not too easy but it's a brilliant classic horizontal shmup, not bullet hell.

Blazing Star is a brilliant Neo Geo hori, probably get it for a few quid now.

I actually turned on Neko Navy for a bit before having not used my Switch in forever and ended up playing for an hour. Really really playable fun game, but I understand why the artstyle wouldn't be to everyone's taste.


Arcade Archives Gradius 2

Satazius NEXT

Super Hydorah

R-Type Dimensions DX or EX, I forget which it is


Thanks, everyone. I went for Neko Navy and Satazius, but stuck a bunch more on my wishlist. Might pick up a couple more later in the week as they're on sale.


Turns out Neko Navy is really fucking good.