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August 15, 2022, 12:49:56 AM

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Wrestling 2021/2022: All Thread Everything

Started by madhair60, November 22, 2021, 08:51:06 AM

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Matt Hardy should only ever wrestle Christian. He always makes him look good.


I wonder if Stokely is recruiting the frustrated and overlooked AEW guys on behalf of MJF (who he used to manage on the indies)...


Quote from: Spiteface on August 03, 2022, 08:41:01 PMThis is why I don't have that much faith in HHH being in charge of creative. He's still parroting WWE propaganda.

Even worse are the bellends that think anything that isn't WWE, is automatically stuff that happens in "Bingo Halls" (and it's always Bingo Halls), like no wrestling other than WWE was ever big.

Triple H is a big 'bingo halls' guy, even a couple of years ago he couldn't stop himself making snide ECW bingo hall jokes while he had Gabe Sapolsky and Steve Corino on staff to do his job for him

The Crumb

Quote from: Mobius on August 03, 2022, 11:26:45 PMWhat's the best wrestling game for booking shows and stuff? Like Football Manager but for wrestling. Some sort of career/management mode rather than actually doing the wrestling.

Total Extreme Wrestling is supposed to be the best for pure management/booking stuff, but as far as I'm aware is a purely 'abstract' experience with no wrestling gameplay, like Football Manager for wrestling.

Fire Pro has a promoter dlc, I'm not sure what the reception has been. It's also an actual wrestling game, so you can play or simulate matches. Very deep creation tools if that's of any use.

Or if you've got a ps2 (emulator) give the GM mode in Smackdown vs Raw 2006 a go.


There have been a lot of suprising things happening in wrestling lately, most suprising for me though was that Mox didn't do a blade job during his promo last night.


He is wrestling Mance Warner on Rampage though, so expect buckets of blood.

Gurke and Hare

I want a pair of butterfly jeans like Hangman was wearing.


Quote from: The Crumb on August 04, 2022, 10:16:24 AMOr if you've got a ps2 (emulator) give the GM mode in Smackdown vs Raw 2006 a go.

I bought this for my old PSP and it was a load of fun, so thumbs up for this recommend.


Cheers lads! Fire Pro does look interesting with all its NJPW wrestlers. It looks like you can buy it on PS5, but I mostly see gameplay clips so not sure what the manager/booker stuff is like but will take a look. Maybe the PC version is better and has that feature.

The Crumb

Cool, I think the pc version would be the better bet as I imagine accessing and managing all the created content (unless you want to spend hundreds of hours making wrestlers and moves) will be easier. Probably more likely you can get the game + pronoter dlc at a discount there.

Another sort of amazing option if you want to go through the ups and downs of a wrestling career is MDickie's Wrestling MPire. Featuring contract negotiations, multiple promotions to work at, forced gimmick changes, ageing, optional steroid abuse and possible death. It's kind of dreadful and completely insane, but also free and sometimes hilarious.


Quote from: The Crumb on August 04, 2022, 11:29:51 PMCool, I think the pc version would be the better bet as I imagine accessing and managing all the created content (unless you want to spend hundreds of hours making wrestlers and moves) will be easier. Probably more likely you can get the game + pronoter dlc at a discount there.

Yeah I got it on Steam at a discount, along with a few NJPW DLC packs along the way, they're always going on sale. And then Steam Workshop is where people upload all the stuff they've created for you to download and use.


It seems Sasha and Naomi could be back on Smackdown tonight. Sasha was pulled from some celebrity football game she was meant to be at tonight.


a guy who he shoved down everyone's throat with a monster push to no avail, who only ever got over because of his wife. It's almost too on the nose


I'm not much of a Karrion Kross fan, but they did a great job on making him and Scarlett look pretty cool on their return.


Quote from: Mobius on August 06, 2022, 03:04:36 AMTriple H really loves Karrion Kross

In all the excitement with him taking over, I did forget he had a hard-on for some boring big fellas as well.


The Claudio v Takeshita match has been getting rave reviews. Can't wait to watch later.


Does anyone know the story behind this clip of Ospreay seemingly taking liberties with another young worker?

Absolutely brutal. What a cunt if that wasn't a work or agreed to beforehand. Looks like laddo is knocked out yet the blows still rain down. Oof


Yeah that's stiff as fuck. To me, it looks like a work but Ospreay fucked up hitting him with the first elbow and actually knocked him out with it because that guy isn't moving an inch.


Oh you can see the forearms when the guy is down are being pulled, that's why I said it looks like a work but even slowed down it still looks like Ospreay catches him accidentally with that first strike.

Gurke and Hare

I was there for it. In the context of the match, there was no question that it was a work - it was a really good match and Kurt got a ton of offense in. And kicked out of the OWA.


Looks very much like a work to me, glad to see it fooled him from Mars Volta and some spanner from the UFC. The "hidden blade" move is very deceptive, it looks brutal but he's basically grazing them with his shoulder

Speaking of Ospreay - just watched today's G1. Him and Shingo really are made for each other aren't they? Some of the sequences those boys do shouldn't be possible. Was nowhere near match of the night for me, though. What a show. Yano v Archer, ZSJ v Goto and White v Okhan, all absolutely superb


Pretty bored of Thunder Rosa. Jamie Hayter should be champ

Takeshita is just so fucking good.


I know Takeshita is loyal to DDT, but man, I want him full time in AEW. He's incredible. Hell of a match.


Glad to hear Takeshita is doing well in the States. I remember seeing him a while back and thinking "fuck me this guy's special"

I only occasionally watch DDT but I've never seen them put on a bad show. They have a very strange and unique "vibe", to use a bit of a twatty word. One match you have the most childish and silly slapstick, the next match the most perverse gross-out humour, then you have these really well-done traditional hard-hitting matches. Moments of genuine pathos as well. Saki Akai perennially trying to prove her worth and coming up short has been some of the best storytelling around in wrestling imo


A really strong week of programming off AEW that, hope the build to the PPV and some injury returns shake out some of the cobwebs.


SRS seems pretty confident that Kenny will be in the trios tournament, so he needs to be back this coming week right? It isn't that long now until All Out and they need to get the trios tournament started asap.

Add on that Punk due back soon, and maybe MJF? (I feel like MJF is returning at the end of All Out), things are really picking up for the second half of the year after a couple of up-and-down months with injuries etc.