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August 10, 2022, 06:39:41 AM

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Johnny Boy - You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes...

Started by Crenners, August 05, 2022, 07:36:58 PM

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...And You Get What You Deserve (2004)

It's a long long time since I thought about this song, probably near enough to the eighteen years since it was released. I was looking for stuff earlier and stumbled upon the VW's Top 1000 Singles thread and it reminded me.

I think it's great, it's made me really happy listening to it. Partly it's memories of first arriving in China and all of the excitement of that time but it's just a great little slice of Wall of Sound/Lazy Line Painter Jane indie pop. Great melody, builds and builds, sounds really heartfelt despite the twee title. I love the 'but we're all receiving' refrain, really euphoric. I think it's a bit of a lost classic.

I stopped listening to this kind of thing around the time I heard Strawberry Jam and while I haven't been the same since, it's been great to enjoy something like this.

Hope you enjoy the memories or new experience.


It's fantastic, always loved it. Don't know anything else they did or who they are though.

non capisco

Ah, forgot all about this one, cracking tune! One of those melodies so simple and direct you can't believe it never existed before. Cheers for the reminder, Crenners.

Famous Mortimer

Aye, love it too. It's in a folder on my phone and gets regular plays in the car.

Memorex MP3

Was in that Adam Curtis thing recently wasn't it?

Before that I only knew it from a playlist of pitchforks best songs of the 00s (think it was like 198th)


My gf loves this song. I never really got it tbf.

And click post.


It's a catchy song with a nice driving rhythm and right up my street.

Adam Curtis soundtrack selection makes it inseparable from some shots of gleaming Wall Street skyscrapers and scenes of bad things happening in China.