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Last thing you said in your sleep

Started by Vodkafone, August 06, 2022, 11:41:47 AM

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This morning I said "There's a fucking bin just there you ignorant cunts"

Apparently it came out as quite a disturbing, incoherent moan, but I remember that was definitely what I was trying to say.

Post your most recent somramblings below


I was upset and shouting something angrily as I woke up.

Zero Gravitas

Just screaming.

But real masc deep angry screaming, not girly afraid screaming at all.


thumped my girlfriend's head like three times in my sleep. woke her up and she like what the heck. i felt terrible. very worried I'm gonna wake up and I've killed her in my sleep

Zero Gravitas

I once committed manual sleep sexiness with an, at the time, relatively new partner.

Being woken up to shouts, finding myself strumming them like a guitar and being told it was like being "fucked by a hangnail" was a pretty harrowing experience, I'm frankly surprised they got over it.

I think they'd been sleep-headlocked and choked by a previous partner, so ask yourself, who has the form?

Claude the Racecar Driving Rockstar Super Sleuth


One of my earliest memories is of my Dad arising from a snooze on the sofa and bellowing in voice half of fear and half of anger: 'for Christ's sake don't do it Lyn!!!'. Lyn being my mother.

My father would never say what had roused him so but my mother confirmed many years later that my Dad had dreamed that my mother was about to get her tits out in public.




non capisco

Someone once claimed I sang the advertising jingle "Washing machines live longer with Calgon" in my sleep but I've always doubted the veracity of this considering some of the other shite she used to come out with.

Uncle TechTip

Just last night, a dream where some kids were hanging in the back garden causing trouble. One comes up to the window to try and freak me out, so I go upstairs and open the window. I'm trying to shout "GO AWAY" but I can't get the words out. Gorrrayyy. Gor aaaay. I actually wake myself up shouting this. Clearly it was down to muscle paralysis. I was extremely relieved when I realised it was a dream.

My own son had a mask on and was coming at me like a horror film character, it was awful.


Very rarely talk in my sleep but last time I did apparently I was babbling about buying blankets for dogs.