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Oscillations / Re: Post Beatles Beatles relationships
« Last post by Sin Agog on Today at 05:05:48 AM »
john & george seemed to have patched things up by the time they were working on this; can't help feeling that macca was the thing niggling both of them. yoko still interfering- trying to tell spector how to use a mic, ffs, but still.... better...

Can't watch youtube on this broken ipad, but I'm assuming that's a clip from Imagine.  If I recall correctly, what Yoko was describing sounded awfully similar to what became post-punk.

Fascinating scene in that movie of a completely fried, far-gone fan turning up to John's door as if he had the answer to whatever it was he was looking for, and John inviting him in for cereal and heartfelt advice.  He could be a snidey get, but that compassionate side was just as close to the surface.
I think he'd been tipped off as to May's move of last resort...

Picture Box / Re: Vaguely-remembered stuff, part 2 (?)
« Last post by Chriddof on Today at 04:47:11 AM »
It's this bumper from 1997, I'm pretty sure.
I've ordered a second-hand copy of Jacob Holdt's 'American Pictures'

Love it! Very PFFR.
Picture Box / Re: Doctor Who - Series 11 (Part 2)
« Last post by Ballad of Ballard Berkley on Today at 04:41:51 AM »
I agree with all of that, Mr S.
Deeper Into Movies / Re: Production Disasters that Turned Out Okay
« Last post by samadriel on Today at 04:37:43 AM »
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus recovered from Heath Ledger's death quite well.
Picture Box / Re: Doctor Who - Series 11 (Part 2)
« Last post by Mister Six on Today at 04:32:19 AM »
My hope is that he's self-aware enough to hire a great script editor/dialogue doctor, and write fewer episodes. That would honestly fix the most serious problems with this season. As I've said before I think his instincts in a lot of other areas - structurally, ditching cold opens; promotionally, keeping previews to a minimum; visually, with the anamorphic cameras and location shoots - have spoken well of him as a showrunner. He just doesn't have the nuts and bolts talent to do the heavy writing that Moffat and RTD did.

My other hope is that any competent potential showrunners who were terrified to follow up Moffat will feel more confident whenever Chibnall chooses to move on. As others have said, Toby Whithouse must have been courted and turned it down - if so, I hope this was why.
The Tashen release of Salgado's photo's of the Kuwait oil field fires in 9, Kuwait Desert on Fire....

The perfect mix I think for him with his more classical landscape like sensibilities ideal for the time/place and the human subjects not ended up as poverty porn.

General Bullshit / Re: escape rooms : s4c or gr8-BOL ?
« Last post by bomb_dog on Today at 04:23:12 AM »
But it’s fun to hang around watching folk on the CCTV, it affords you a bizarrely comprehensive insight into the public.  One fellow booked out the entire room to himself (about $500) and as soon as he went in started putting all the props down his pants whilst grinning at the camera.  The self-professed escape room enthusiasts are a truly weird bunch.

More please!
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