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I liked those, but am too stupid to think of any of my own. It also led me to discovering what/who the Black Rod is, so thanks for that.

Don't crush my righteous anger with your words of goodness!!!
General Bullshit / Re: Cosby Finally Nailed
« Last post by Quote on Today at 01:23:46 PM »
Isn’t this just the tip of an iceberg in an industry basically run on this type of thing? (Or at least very accepting of it). It seems more like Cosby was no longer rich/powerful enough to keep the tide of stories about him at bay, whilst other similar figures will carry on for as long as they’re still profitable/powerful/owed favours?

Obviously, I’m all for powerful abusers being nailed but it’s almost inevitable today’s female wannabe celebs, stars or film/TV industry figures encounter much the same thing and either risk being ostracised by their profession/producers etc, or simply bottle it up in the hope that forty years down the line their abusers have slipped enough in prestige to be successfully taken down.

For every Cosby or Weinstein there’s probably another shedload who operate in much the same way but are smart/lucky/powerful enough to get away with it.
H.S. Art / Re: Fantasy shop names
« Last post by pancreas on Today at 01:23:45 PM »
Hambrosia: Pulled pork bap-wallah (men only).
Every day I push myself to question the actions and thought processes of not just me but those around me.

I've said many times in loads of threads recently that we are now in a world where everything is okay and nothing is okay all at the same time, and the rules change daily, there are labels and sub-labels, and just when we think we've got acceptable thinking sussed, someone or some situation comes along to totally blow that sussing out of the water.

To adapt what Captain Z said above, I think getting too outraged about anything these days is harming no one but yourself (the royal yourself), and with so many of us CaBbers struggling with numerous things (health, mental health, finances, whatever), I think looking after number one and worrying less about other people - particularly those totally detached from your own existence - is, really, the only healthy way forward.

I realise that probably sounds harsh, but with all the shit I've been through in the last 10 years I'm not about to get hot and bothered and involved with whether or not some American politician had sex with loads of girls when he was at college 25 years ago, and the shit I've put up with is a LOT milder than most other CaBbers...

......fuck it, I'm trying to make a point and, again, not really sure what I'm trying to say.  I think my brain is at the start of being fucked...
Technology / Re: Has gaming plateaued?
« Last post by checkoutgirl on Today at 01:18:40 PM »
They don't sound like gamers.

I'll have to trust you on that.
Comedy Chat / Re: The Norm Macdonald Thread Over Here
« Last post by magval on Today at 01:16:59 PM »
It was excellent. Why wouldn't you enjoy it if you'd seen NML?
Oscillations / Re: Chart Music Podcast
« Last post by yesitsme on Today at 01:16:54 PM »
Oh Bummerdog you national treasure...

The Bummberdog song had me in stitches and I don't laugh at anything.  In my mind he's like Roobarb, if I knew how to do it I'd run the opening credit to Roobarb but with the word Bummerdog.

Do Bummerdogs still roam?  Can't recall the last time I saw some terrified child being accosted by one of these creatures.

Proudest day of my life.
Oscillations / Re: Haha Tape IV. Buy in?
« Last post by NoSleep on Today at 01:16:09 PM »
      01)Dr Syntax Head  -  Done, but only an mp3 at a low bitrate now exists of the track. Redoing the track.
      02)jonnycuba  -  Done
      03)gabrielconroy  -  "needs tidying up and some parts added"
      04)Beagle 2  -  Done, but still need to retrieve from other PC?
      05)drummersaredeaf  -  Done
      06)NoSleep  -  Editing and mixing
      07)Phil_A  -  Done
      08)Dusty Gozongas  -  Done, waiting on friend to finish it for him.
      09)falafel  -  "i promise to get it done by the end of August"
      10)Rich Uncle Skeleton  -  "just taking it easy (...) for a few weeks so I'll get this done"
      11)the  -  Done
      12)Johnny Textface  -  "I still intend to contribute"
      13)ArtParrott  -  Done
      14)Petey Pate  -  Done
      15)Avril Lavigne  -  Dropped out - Anyone want to take the place?
      16)thraxx  -  Had to start again, but still in

If you have red next to your name - can you:
- Give us an update on how complete it is, and ideally,
- Finish your track and submit it.
H.S. Art / Re: That's all I got
« Last post by pancreas on Today at 01:15:28 PM »
Technology / Re: Has gaming plateaued?
« Last post by monolith on Today at 01:15:07 PM »
What age group though? There's a generation of 50 somethings who think gaming died in 1983 and another group who think perfection was reached in 1991 with Street Fighter II. And so on.
They don't sound like gamers.
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