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Brexit doesnt automatically mean you don't get bad laws or politicians,  but the feedback loop in terms of undoing unpopular policies is more straightforward and much shorter in national government than it is in a transnational bureaucracy specifically designed to make its decisions hard to change like the EU.
Swe what some of you mean but OP hasn't asked us to share stories of sexual assault have they? Just advice on where to go.

Exactly. Some of the responses here have been jaw-dropping. is a very, very thorough advice site and provides (I think) far more than any member here can tailor to you.
Oscillations / Re: The Dirt On Netflix
« Last post by magval on Today at 06:04:22 PM »
No, it wasn't. That all came after the fact, after people stopped buying their records.

They sold records because people liked their music and women fancied them.

When that trailed off, they wrote The Dirt.

There were better bands surely (Skid Row is the best of that period's overlooked bands), but Motley Crue could write a proper big smash. Can't believe I forgot to mention Home Sweet Home in my previous post. That's the one. The big one.
Can't really offer any advice, but sorry to see you didn't get the support you were after.  They're a cynical lot on here as you'd probably know from lurking, but must admit the reaction surprised even me.  Try an "Ask Reddit" or something maybe?
General Bullshit / Re: CAB TV: The Project
« Last post by Delete Delete Delete on Today at 06:01:23 PM »
Kicking off with King Of The Castle now.
Picture Box / Re: Netflix Madeleine McCann docco
« Last post by DrGreggles on Today at 06:00:28 PM »
haven't seen them in a good while, has anyone checked up on them?

Technology / Re: Streets of Rage 4
« Last post by samadriel on Today at 05:58:29 PM »
I'm hoping the use of Koshiro's old sound effects indicates that he is involved, because I too would be fucking dismayed if he's not.

Character-wise, I really want Adam back, he's been missing for far too long.
Technology / Re: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
« Last post by Thursday on Today at 05:57:20 PM »
On Sunday I reached a boss that's a major plot point... I even suddenly got worried that it could be right at the end, although looking at my game time, I thought, surely not. There's a couple of areas I discovered that I suspect might be optional, but it could also be that I just discovered them on my own, but the game might nudge me in that direction later. Either way, I thought I'd mop up all these other areas before taking on that big plot boss.

It's tough really, I keep wanting to read other people's experiences, and make sure I don't miss content, but also stay as in the dark as possible.
Swe what some of you mean but OP hasn't asked us to share stories of sexual assault have they? Just advice on where to go.
Comedy Chat / Re: This Time With Alan Partridge (One Show Spoof)
« Last post by Attila on Today at 05:55:47 PM »
yep, noticed that and thought it must have been filmed then. OR SHE IS A NOT VERY BRIGHT LITTLE HONEY PUFF.

Hey, it's good to see Princess Bee holding down a job so well.
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