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I also had a word salad
General Bullshit / Re: Nightmare housemates
« Last post by GoblinAhFuckScary on Today at 02:15:14 AM »
my big development is my cunt housemate who i moved into the house who turned out to be a complete psychopath is forcing me out with the backing of the very richard the hamster hammond like housemate backing her up out of fear of being bullied

the clincher is i'm disabled and broke and can't afford to move. she is telling me to pay for it from my necessary surgery fundraiser. prime cunt behaviour i really hope she dies suddenly
Picture Box / Re: Doctor Who 2005-2017 : The RTD & Moffat Years
« Last post by Kelvin on Today at 02:14:23 AM »
I haven’t seen it since 2011, so I may or may not agree in retrospect if I were to rewatch it.

At the time, as a Moffat apologist (which I still am when the current comparison is Chibnall), I didn’t think it was brushed off, just that the trauma wasn’t shown.  If you can accept that trauma is usually dealt with in private you may end up enjoying series 6 more; I don’t know.

I agree, more or less. I think they do address it, in so much as you can expect them to in the series. It's just that Amy is meant to be someone who supresses her vulnerability, so when she first meets the Doctor after the gap, she's demanding to know where her baby is, and then in the final episode we see her literally torture - and for all we know kill - the eyepatch woman for stealing her time with River. The fact they knew Mels all their life is also meant to (retroactively) diffuse some of the raw emotion once they find out.
Picture Box / Re: Boxing Thread
« Last post by Bazooka on Today at 02:09:03 AM »
I’m sure I will feel differently come August but I’m a bit fatigued by the whole thing over the last few years that now it’s happening I don’t really feel that arsed - a few fiery press conferences with lobbed chairs, the lot will undoubtedly set a fire in my belly for it

I can relate, and as boxers I want both to win.
I made this black bean soup the other week. It was good, and I'd make it again.

Had something similar for lunch today.

Great minds.
Oscillations / Re: Musical gear wanking thread
« Last post by FerriswheelBueller on Today at 01:59:47 AM »
My Boss DD-3 has been slowly decaying for about 5 years. How feasible is it for an idiot (me) to fix it?

It powers on fine but only works in “hold” mode. It used to only impact the highest delay setting (so hold the pedal down and it seems alright), but it’s been creeping along one notch at a time and this afternoon I could only use the very close echo-type setting - anything else requires me to hold the pedal down with my foot. It works as a “hold”, so it’s not a case of holding the pedal down and carrying on as normal because the sound doesn’t decay.

Anyone else heard of this, or any ideas on what’s gone wrong and how easy it would be for a simpleton to fix? I don’t really want to buy another delay pedal.
Oscillations / Re: Top of the Pops on BBC Four - Thread Three
« Last post by Chicory on Today at 01:58:36 AM »
Just watched the Xmas 1990 episode and due to Turner's manic shouting being drowned out by even more manic studio shrieking, I didn't manage to identify the old-ish weatherman guy in the red jumper. Not familiar to me by any stretch. Anyone?
Comedy Chat / Re: Elon Musk to host SNL
« Last post by idunnosomename on Today at 01:52:11 AM »
Picture Box / Re: Wrestling 2021: The Big Thread Machine
« Last post by BeardFaceMan on Today at 01:48:02 AM »
the bit of Smackdown where they'd dub in Michael Cole excitedly talking about GLASSCO

that and when they'd cover for the different ad breaks by having a segment with Michael Hayes Handsome Doc Hendrix surrounded by t-shirts
General Bullshit / Re: Another cookery thread (call that a spiraliser?!)
« Last post by mothman on Today at 01:44:39 AM »
We’re not dissing your recipe choice G&H, just the sheer mind-numbing ineptitude of the illiterate moron who wrote it.
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