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Ricky Gervais's After Life series 3 [split topic]

Started by Cursus, July 23, 2020, 09:33:21 PM

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Quote from: bgmnts on May 03, 2021, 11:11:30 PM
If we were to write 'Ricky Gervais's After Extras' it would just be a picture of Derek throwing a dwarf in the air whilst jizzing on a homeless junkie.

I stopped to consider if that actually happened in an episode of Derek.


Who's going to die in this one, do we reckon?

It's like Morrissey albums: no matter how shit and offensive he becomes, the fans lap it up so he makes another.


Quote from: olliebean on May 04, 2021, 04:28:33 PM
Who's going to die in this one, do we reckon?

Quick recap please -

S1 he was responsible for the death of the sad heroin addict. But the Obermann character confirmed he was a great guy not yet ready for love.
S2 - dead dad[nb]Between the Lines! That's where I have seen his dad the actor recently[/nb] but still a great guy and the nurse turns up at the end to do things entirely on his terms (because he is sad but a great guy).

That right?

Dog will not die but might be almost dead at some point is my guess. Will be very sad but amazing to watch and speak for millions.

Will nursey still be on the scene? 50/50 on that. Maybe she will have taught him stuff (they love bum stuff in my experience) but have moved on allowing for a new love interest.

Is the intricately woven prostitute character still in it? I've forgotten already. Maybe she will have a Jody Foster-type ward who Tony becomes involved with after she lights a cigarette to time their encounter.

I want that sort of stuff in it not just easy sad stuff and old ladies saying cunt.

The shrink is the absolute low point. If he's still in it, having been outed as a fraud and a misogynist, then it's just a sequence of crap sketches and mawkish monologues rather than an actual narrative with any direction or attempt at maintaining plausible characters (which was already happening in the first episode of Series 1 but has gradually worsened).

Mr. Ssmsslth

Gervais' output has obviously been shit for ages but I think his conversations with Sam Harris are entertaining enough.

Small Man Big Horse

Quote from: Blue Jam on May 29, 2021, 06:39:46 PM

Blimey that's horribly bleak. He has quite the comedy cv too, and has worked on a good deal of shows I love (This Morning With Richard Not Judy, The Harry Hill Show), along with some terrible dreck too.


How do you work with someone for nearly two decades and not have a clue?

Blue Jam

Quote from: dothestrand on May 30, 2021, 08:46:54 PM
How do you work with someone for nearly two decades and not have a clue?

By being a bloke and being very powerful?

To be fair to Gervais abusers can be very good at hiding in plain sight and victims can be afraid to speak up. If Gervais was never targeted personally the chances are he'd never have known.

QuoteGervais said: "I am shocked and appalled to learn of the historical allegations made by a number of women against Charlie Hanson.

"The decision was made to immediately remove him from production and I am confident the matter is being handled thoroughly.

To his credit he has taken the claims of the alleged victims seriously and seems to be handling this well, so fair play to him.

Echo Valley 2-6809

The BBC report doesn't say so, but two women who thought he was mentoring them as writers and performers have alleged separate but similar incidents of meeting Hanson to discuss their work, then waking up to find him having sex with them in an unfamiliar house, with no memory of getting there. Both incidents in 2008. There are at least nine other women with separate allegations.

Hanson was quoted as saying he's fighting the allegations "because I know that's not what I'm like".  Odd wording, but we'll see.



Do you think at the moment Gervais notices anything that's not about himself?


Oh fuck

This looks like a return to form. Multiple kids with cancer, the heavy artillery is out. Try slagging this off you keeeeeyunnnnnnts *dislocates jaw* awwhahahahahah


Looks like a job for good ol Robot Grief Dog.


I was hoping it was going to be a true return to insanity but it looks like another very cheap way to get people to say it made them cry and all for the cost of a few headscarves.

This tweet is 50% accurate though:

Lisa with other children who have cancer and are getting chemo like her. I think it´s great that you give other people an insight into what chemo is in #AfterLife3.What you went through as Tony with Lisa. Tony fought cancer with Lisa. Thanks for the great insight into #AfterLife3

There will be no real insight into what having chemo is like BUT it will all be about Tony.


Lisa telling the cancer kids "honestly, he's the kindest man in the world, he's like a kindness superhero, you should see my face when he poos in my morning coffee as a practical joke, I just can't believe how kind he is".


I just want to know who's trying to cancel my medium fry-up.


Quote from: MigraineBoy on September 18, 2021, 10:25:49 PM

What's the matter?  Too challenging for ya?

I'm pleased to see someone's finally been brave enough to have a go at the bloody snowflakes.


Echo Valley 2-6809

Might watch it because he tweeted that Todd Rundgren will feature on the soundtrack. It'll probably just be Hello It's Me as usual though.


Is this nob really still banging that drum. What a few years for ageing white male comedians this has been huh. Someone on this forum is surely well positioned to write the comedy tosser family tree from M**g gate and Robot Grief Dogs to sex pests and cum stained banancunts


This probably does mean it's got a transphobic bit. Bravely


Quote from: Echo Valley 2-6809 on September 19, 2021, 10:03:16 AM
Might watch it because he tweeted that Todd Rundgren will feature on the soundtrack. It'll probably just be Hello It's Me as usual though.

Played over Gervais turning up at someones front door

Captain Z

OMG I don't normally enjoy modern newspaper articles but Ricky Gervais' latest "watch out, snowflakes" actually made me cry with emotion! Literally nobody else could do this. Ricky Gervais is one of a kind.