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July 07, 2022, 12:37:07 AM

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An unexpected windfall means that Ferris can have four of his chins extricated

Started by Replies From View, September 08, 2021, 09:10:25 PM

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Brilliant news for us all!  After an unexpected windfall, Ferris is now in a financial position to have four of his "bonus" chins extricated!

He goes to the clinic tomorrow morning at 7 sharp, so wish him luck!!  If he is even one minute late he will lose his appointment



FOR CHRIST'S SAKE FERRIS have you prepared? Have you set your alarm two hours in advance? In fact, forget it, sleeping is too risky - if you're not there at 7 sharp, it's all over.

Have you got your sandwiches packed? No? What the hell are you playing at?

You've got to be ready to get out the door at 4 AM if you want to make absolutely triple-sure to be there at 7 sharp.

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Well, Ferris failed to exhume his body from his bed this morning, and missed his appointment quite dramatically.

Outside the front door of the clinic at 7am sharp was popcorn, gripping an appointment letter, pleased as punch.

He was allowed in and he is still inside the clinic now.  Extrication sounds can be heard from here, where I am standing.  Gripping stuff!

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And now popcorn is re-emerging from the clinic, beaming from head to toe, a staggering four chins down.

Let's wait here and see what he has to say

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whoops he's crossing the road the other way.  Let's run to catch up with him down the road then

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he keeps giving me loads of junctions to cross by turning inwards

bit of patience; it's my first day as a roving reporter

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I think you are forgetting the time difference. It is 6.23am here, and I am on my way to the clinic.

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Ended up doing an intro statistical modelling and econometrics course for 6 hours via zoom. It is still happening right now. Someone is bleating on about unimodal distributions and ogives right now.

I have a tutorial on this at 7pm, so after this finishes at 6 (?) I have to do a load of reading and answering of questions in the following hour before another 2 hours of zoom SHIT.

Anyway, no change on the chin front, that's my point.

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