How did F.U.K.D. and B.O.M.B.D. fool so many people?

Started by ajsmith, May 17, 2016, 01:59:18 PM

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Most of the other Morris scams had slightly more subtle names that the average unwitting celebrity mug getting involved wouldn't stop to question, but I was always puzzled by how the name F.U.K.D. and B.O.M.B.D.was able to fool everyone involved in the 'Cake' episode. The organisation has  got a big swear word in the title! Surely no one (especially 20 years ago) would think that was a real thing? Any ideas how it got by so many?


Morris being able to think on his feet very quickly, lack of the internet to check and celebs wanting to be the face of a cause or  just genuinely wanting to help.

I do kinda know what you mean though but people are quite thick. How does that Impractical Jokers show manage to fool anyone at all? Because people are a bit thick generally. It's the only possible explanation.

Entropy Balsmalch

That would've been so easy. In the 90s it was all about drug Czars and patronising and unrealistic government campaigns.

I can easily imagine someone dressed like Morris is in one of the clips saying "Look - we're about speaking the language they speak..." etc.


Free the United Kingdom from Drugs (incorporating British Opposition to Metabolically Bisturbile Drugs). Yeah, I could see that convincing people! If an EU referendum took place in the mid 90s I could imagine the Leave campaign jumping on to this!

Depressed Beyond Tables

How did Carla the elephant get her trunk jammed up her own guts?



Language used out there on the drug crazed streets isn't it?

What's more amazing is the additional guff they were asked to speak on top of the very suspect organisation name and lack of references.

My favourite bit is that line - paraphrased - "...was keen to check all the facts", further reinforcing the humiliation.

Petey Pate

What's even more amazing is that MP David Amess MP was recently put in charge of scrutinising the government's ridiculous psychoactive substances bill.


Presumably the logic behind that was 'been burnt, won't fall for that again'.

You often find with Tories they need to be personally affected by something before they wake the fuck up to it.

I like to think every day on the job Amess is haunted by his absurd utterances and constantly swears never to be so stupid again.


"Cake is a made up drug..."

Now, I know that made up can be misinterpreted as "synthetic" or something not natural, but come on, falling for that one was surprising and funny.

Catalogue Trousers

Of course, it may have fooled very few people. Much of Morris' perceived success in such matters could just as easily be down to brilliant work in the edit suite as people being genuinely fooled. Not saying that some people weren't, but I find it very difficult to accept that Phil Collins didn't cotton on to that Nonce Sense thing instantly, for example.


Wasn't David Amiss still convincing it was real, even after Brass Eye was broadcast?