Author Topic: Getting thrills from fiddling with tech  (Read 370 times)

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Getting thrills from fiddling with tech
« on: August 16, 2016, 09:07:06 PM »
I'm not very technical to be honest, even some of the gaming threads on here descend into magic roundabout theme territory for me when they start talking about such mysterious things as system requirements. But I do get a thrill from minor acts of hacking or fiddling, usually it has to be said, if I'm getting something for free at the end of it. The point last year when popcorn and others finally successfully guided me through hacking my old phone so I could get unlimited data by tethering was one if my absolute high points of the year.

I'm currently waiting for Linux to install on my Chromebook. Ostensibly it's because I want Kodi on here, but the main reason is just the thrill of doing something a bit naughty and DIY. Currently looking at a black screen with numbers flooding down it and I feel like some modern cyber hacker genius freedom fighter, like Sir Clive Sinclair, or some old wise computer professor, like Mr Robot.

If it works, I will be texting people that I've done it, like anyone gives a fuck. I may get a semi.

I know that's not impressive or difficult, but I was wondering what thrills have you had from messing with tech, opening up the bonnet and rewiring stuff? I bet there are some riiiight bloody boffins on here.