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That's been a problem even at the WIPs of his I've seen the last while, by the end I would be bursting for a piss and you could tell by the huge drop in energy from the crowd that everyone is debating when to just get up and leave. Really if you're going over an hour and you're in a venue that serves alcohol, you're just fucking yourself over by not having a break in the middle.

Keep is pushing two hours, right?

From sitting down five minutes before it started to leaving it was 2 hours and 20 mins. The irony is that the hour he did at in the summer in Edinburgh ( he took Paul Sinha's slot as a favour to The Stand so couldn't fuck about with his usual times) was glorious and he was totally on form and relaxed with the audience. People going to toilet were ignored, the couple of phones that went off were joked about and at one point he actually asked everyone to get their phones out to take photos. And it was fucking funny.

I wonder if, as a life long abstainer from alcohol, if he genuinely has no concept of the way booze can make you literally unable to hold one's bladder. Fair enough not wanting pissed up crowds but even a pre-show glass of wine is enough to make most people at least NEED a piss after two hours. Oh well... it's all part of the Kitson experience. Coop... I will DM you now.


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When I saw Tree a few years ago I knew that I'd need a piss - just cos my bladder is rubbish - so I told one of the people working at the venue that and asked for the best way to ease any disruption caused. They told me I wasn't allowed and that if I went I wouldn't be able to come back in as it'd ruin the show. So I did what any right-minded gentlemen would do and told them that I had IBS and that I wasn't in control of my body and that if I needed to use the toilet I'd have to leave. At this point their manner changed and they got on their walkie. A minute later another person appeared and was basically my guard for the entire performance. Just waiting there incase I needed to go so that he could help me out and back in at speed. Of course, I didn't need to go at all during the show after all that and when I left I purse my lips and nodded at the guy to thank him for being my guardian piss angel.

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What a precious cunt (Kitson). Whole crowd should just piss in his face.


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For clarity I think it’s only fair to point out I received a courteous email from the K-Dog himself last night apologising for the situation at the Newcastle show I posted about.

I’m not gonna post the whole thing, the general gist was the message to the venue was to say no readmittance allowed but in practice people who needed to go to the loo would obviously be let back in, probably after being held at the back to wait for a suitable time to sit back down again causing minimum disturbance. In which case really the door staff should say to people “look, if you need to go for a quick piss it’s fine but be subtle about it and be prepared to wait around until a suitable break in the performance arises to sit back down again.” But that’s messy and probably nigh on impossible to actually communicate efficiently to every audience member on entry. So you get told you’re not allowed back in in the hope you’ll just keep your bladder in check and not bother, which to be fair probably does yield the desired result of keeping disturbances to the performance to a minimum. However, it’s all a bit confused and at the end of the day, when you’re told by the door staff going in that you’ll absolutely not be allowed to return under any circumstances you don’t really think to challenge that.

Anyway it seems churlish to go on about it so that’s my final thought on the matter. And kudos to Daniel for “reaching out” as the kids say.


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Shit on the floor to prove a point tbh.


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Ah I can't edit my post after this long. But hopefully suffice it to say it was rather unfair and quite inaccurate. We knew we couldn't honestly stop people going to the toilet and that "no readmittance" in reality also meant "non-disruptive readmittance in extenuating circumstances".
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