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This is a new-ish comedy from Samson Kayo (Famalam, Timewasters) and Phil Bowker (PhoneShop creator) with Al Campbell directing. It follows two South London pizza delivery drivers Joshua (Kayo) and Ricky (Theo Barklem-Biggs) and a bunch of mostly oddballs they work with or deliver to, including Phil Daniels as Scott whose life has taken a wrong turn and starts hanging out with them.

It's hard to avoid the PhoneShop comparisons, especially with Martin Trenaman and Javone Prince doing cameos as basically those characters and Theo channelling Ashley for his, particularly early on. However, it does start to rise above that and the more racially diverse cast gives it scope for going to other places. The first episode is a bit rough but it picks up after and hits a pretty good gag rate. Part-improvised, it has an endearing daftness and enjoyment in particular turns of phrase.

First series on Dave is just three episodes but has been recommissioned for a further six which were originally going to air this autumn but I assume are now delayed.

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Been meaning to have a sniff of this after busting a gut watching PhoneShop again recently, ta for the reminder. Will try and cop it over the weekend!

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I remember seeing the adverts on Dave and not being convinced, but didn't know it had a good comedy pedigree with Kayo and Bowker involved.

Also more and more lately comedy trailers seem to be crap and not at all indicative of the finished products, so that's on me. Will give this a watch too.

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Second series of this with six half-hour episodes is on Dave with all episodes on UKTV Play.

Long gap between the original series and perhaps lost a bit of momentum so it felt like the first episode was finding its feet again but I thought there were some good laughs in it.

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Seem to be completely alone in liking this. First episode of the second series doesn't quite gel but the rest I thought were great and really funny. For me what makes it work is you have a group of relatable characters who seem to have a genuine like of each other and converse like normal people, but then it finds a unique angle for apparently ordinary situations and heads off in a daft direction while keeping the characters believable and avoiding going over-the-top wacky.