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May 28, 2022, 03:09:20 PM

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Wimblewrong 2021 Round 3: TheGingerAlien v Mr Farenheit

Started by TheGingerAlien, July 04, 2021, 07:23:24 PM

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Johnny Yesno

Excellent work from TheGingerAlien but I'm voting for Mr F for his spectacular first return.


Mr F for the first return. I didn't think the serve could be bettered, but that second shot was incredible.

Spoon of Ploff

This match turned out to be something of a miscarriage for TheGingerAlien who only scored 6 votes, while it's lovely jubblies all round for Mr Ferenheit with 11 votes


Congrats to Mr. F!!  Amazing work, as ever.  Looking forward to watching the rest of the competition!


I would've voted for Ginge which would've made no difference, but for the record. excellent match lads

Mr Farenheit

Thanks and well played GingerAlien! Your first shot made me laugh a lot, I thought that would win the match. Rodney Kreuger was ace also, I couldn't figure out who the guy in the hang glider was?

Quote from: Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse on July 10, 2021, 06:29:18 PM
I think I'm too stupid to get all the references in shots 3 and 4...
Quote from: pancreas on July 10, 2021, 06:56:40 PM
Also didn't get 3 & 4...
Probably means it didn't make sense and was too convoluted! For what its worth, the idea of shot 4 is Cliff is celebrating as the police and BBC helicopter have left his house empty handed on their nonce-hunting mission. He's got away with it thanks to his well concealed nonce-basement under the lawn, where even as we speak some sleazy celebs are checking out an innocent 14 year old lad! The lad is none other than Rodney Trotter who's not a teenager at all but whom Del has forced to pretend to be 14... leading to him having to go skateboarding with the 'groovy gang' on holiday (see OFAH s06e04 'The Unlucky Winner Is...') and, as we see here, being somehow abducted by an international celebrity ephebophile gang.


Ahh, I thought Cliff had either got locked out or couldn't find the entrance to the subterranean bunker!  He just always has that little boy lost look about him.  Which I suppose is unfortunate, given his house guests. 

My shot 3 was basically a genuine post-2nd pfizer jab fever dream, created in the early hours.  Your final frame of del saying 'mother...' led to me getting danzig stuck in my head - so I thought i would make a sort of nightmare guitar hero thing (as it was a notable tune used in the original game) 

The hang gliding chap is genuinely David Jason!  Which is a callback to those terrible accusations about his gliding pals many years ago. There was absolutely no reason for barrymore to be boycey, it just sort of happened. The bit that terrified me the most about that creation was that superimposing uncle albert over savile seemed to end up making a dave lee travis.  Lots for my therapist to 'unpack' here.

Anyhoo - it's been a blast.  Hope to compete again next time!  Happy wrongings!

Mr Farenheit

Ha! Never knew about his hangliding escapade! That is definitely a highly fevered dream!
Nice wronging with you, hope I'm not murdered by machotrouts