Jeesal Cawston Park, Norfolk - failings in deaths of three patients

Started by Fambo Number Mive, September 09, 2021, 02:35:41 PM

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Fambo Number Mive

Another story of the most vulnerable people in society being failed by the staff and the company that was meant to be caring for them.

QuoteMs Bailey, who had a learning disability, autism, epilepsy and sleep apnoea, was found unresponsive in her bed and staff did not attempt resuscitation, while the mother of Mr King said he was "gasping and couldn't talk" when she last saw him.

Mr Briant's inquest heard he died following cardiac arrest and obstruction of his airway after swallowing a piece of plastic cup.

The report found:

"Excessive" use of restraint and seclusion by unqualified staff
Concerns over "unsafe grouping" of patients
Overmedication of patients
High levels of inactivity and days of "abject boredom"
Relatives described "indifferent and harmful hospital practices" and said their questions and "distress" were ignored

One person is being sought by Norfolk Police:

Where are the people marching for the rights of disabled people stuck in private specialist hospitals? It's the top story on the BBC News Online website now, but much of the country will have forgotten about it in a few weeks. It's disgusting how the scandals of Winterbourne View and Whorlton Hall has changed so little.

I don't know what more to say but I feel like much of society in the UK ignores how badly disabled people are treated by so-called "care" providers.

I've put a trigger warning on because this story really upset me and I'm sure it really upset you as well.


Quote from: Fambo Number Mive on September 09, 2021, 02:35:41 PM
It's disgusting how the scandals of Winterbourne View and Whorlton Hall has changed so little.
Arguably they've made things worse - every scandal at a for-profit provider is fuel for the "no one's home should be a hospital" crowd, which as a mantra now mostly leads to shutting NHS inpatient services and keeping people in the hands of the private providers.