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July 18, 2024, 08:38:01 PM

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15 Glinutes of Shame: Lying in the Gettr Looking at the TRAs

Started by Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse, January 16, 2022, 12:14:30 AM

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Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

Former comedy writer Graham Linehan is a sickening, slanderous transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic bigot.


NEW official thread theme song

For continuing analysis of the alleged Father Ted writer's exceptionally public breakdown and subsequent deterioration

Timeline of events:

- Done a bad transphobia in IT Crowd episode
- Instead of saying "soz", became the most notable transphobe on the planet
- Spent 21 hours a day on twitter misgendering, insulting and brigading trans people and their allies
- Attempted to have trans charity Mermaids' lottery funding pulled
- hbomberguy live stream to counter this raises $300,000 for Mermaids instead
- then Mermaids got the lottery money anyway, meaning Graham failed on every level it is possible to have failed
- Depth charged his own career, lost his family
- Starting calling people paedophiles on Twitter
- Again: threw away his wife and children, his career and any positive legacy in order to call people paedophiles on Twitter       
- Got kicked off Twitter permanently
- Now subsists on thin gruel of his newly in-the-low-hundreds audience (down from 700k)
- Graham sleeps in a racing car, do you?
- Solicits sex from brothel called "Brighton Belles"
- Started sending things in the post to people like bizarre transphobic birthday cakes and white feathers (?!)
- Created false account on "Her" dating app to post peoples' private images
- National reportage of this incident painted him quite accurately as a pathetic moron
- Went to Parliament and made an absolute loser of himself, again
- Attended genuinely pathetic "Women Won't Wheesht" event with cum all over his jeans
- Sung Fairytale of New York at said event, pointedly leaving in the F-slur. And in July
- Attended further Women Won't Wheesht events to creep on fellow TERFs
- Shouted "Lesbians do not date women" at one of these events, baffling every living human being on the planet
- Has paid Substack blog on which his sanity has clearly evaporated entirely
- - Has paid Patreon blog that peaked at 23 subscribers and is now at 20 18 17 13 11 9
- Interviewed on GB News, came across as the fucking lunatic that he is, on verge of tears constantly
- Entire income is now tied to bigotry, no entertainment industry work forthcoming
- Again again: has literally lost everything in order to post hate on Twitter which he is now banned from
- Constantly boasts of buying new SIM cards to circumvent Twitter bans
- His sock accounts are instantly discovered and banned anyway
- Doxed his own "Barney Rubble" sock account due to stupidity
- Continues to make sockpuppet accounts that are immediately found, necessitating the purchase of more and more SIM cards
- Now so frenzied in his libel that increasing legal threats are being mooted
- Has claimed to have received multiple visits from the police
- Seemingly desperate to get sued
- Initiated 19/12/2021 "Gender Critical Coming Out Day", urging TERFs worldwide to compromise their safety by revealing their bigotry to others
- Was widely condemned for this transparent attempt to take the heat off himself that clearly in no way benefits women
- "The Mess We're In" falls into disarray after Arty Morty creates a rift between himself and Helen Staniland by describing radfems as having "bloodlust"
- Graham posts tearful video stating "I love you, Arty Morty"
- Wrote article claiming "Chris Morris fans" have been out to get him for 25 years, illustrated with screenshots of CaB posts harvested by "a friend"
- Joined Gettr, the latest right wing freeze peach Twitter clone
- Doxxed his Oliophi Twitter account in much the same way as he doxxed his Barney Rubble Twitter account, i.e. due to being a stupid clown who can't use MS Paint
- Made Stewart Lee's "In the Pedal Bin" list and promptly added Stu to his list of enemies
- Female TERFs begin to turn on him for sticking by Arty Morty and for tolerating "good trans" who agree with his bigotry
- Is generally speaking an embarrassment to all

Graham's accomplishments thus far: Raised an enormous amount of money and awareness for trans people, got banned from Twitter, lost own career, legacy, friends and family, is the stupidest cunt on the planet.

Former comedy writer Graham Linehan is a sickening, slanderous transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic bigot.

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

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Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse


Thanks Poirot for taking this on and HUGE thanks to Madhair for keeping this going for the first 14 threads.

Truly you are the ripest bananas in the bunch.

Mister Six


Haven't been keeping up, I see there's a new thread.

JK Rowling.



The Late Satoru Iwata

Previous thread admin...

Quote from: RicoMNKN on January 15, 2022, 02:31:27 PMAnd let's not forget this episode of the feminist-written sitcom...

(That "inexplicably" was added by a sarcastic Wikipedia editor commenting on the writing, wasn't it?)

Quote from: idunnosomename on January 15, 2022, 02:35:17 PMI like how that synopsis is written by someone who knows how rohypnol works

DESTROYED by quick edit

Unaccustomed as I am to saying 'in Graham's defence', considering we are in the business of documenting actual flaws rather than creating more, the following episode's intro says something like 'even though actually rohypnol would just make you really sleepy'.

It might be that someone had a word but GL didn't want to restructure the previous episode even though this would have been at the writing stage or he did actually know it was a nonsense plot point and used it as such as a joke in his comedy, back when he used to do that to great acclaim.

Thanks for the thread Poirot

....and madhair for his prevoius sterling work

Weird take from Joyce considering he was 11 years old when he first met her


Pavlov`s Dog`s Dad`s Dead

The previous thread featured Lennon/McCartney and Leonard Cohen. Anyway, here's Lonnard Donegan:

Oh, this cunt's gone bananas
He wears a wizard's hat.
He don't wash cum-stained trousers,
And he lives in a griefhole flat.

He sounds a proper nana,
When his journalisms plop.
It's a vile, sordid pastime
For the one-time Twitter cop.

Some people make a fortune,
Others make a mint.
This cunt's too thick for grifting,
In fact he's flipping skint.

Some slebs write lists at Christmas,
And others just keep schtum.
But either way the 'nanas cunt
Will lay into his showbiz chum.

Oh, this cunt's gone bananas...


Quote from: Buttered Ghost on January 16, 2022, 03:12:43 AMShould update to say 9 patrons. We've hit single digits babyyyyyyy

The Banan' grove 9.

Soon to be The Hateful 8, The Belligerent 7, the Sick! (sic) 6 etc.


Nice one Poirots, and best wishes to madhair in their retirement. Great title - personally I think the shorter the sweeter, and I suspect there will be no shortage of threads to entitle.


I asked my eleven year old son if he wanted to fuck his auntie and when he replied what is wrong with you? I sent him to his room to think about his sexism and ageism.

They're fucking insane.


Nice work Poirot and thanks for your work on these threads, Madhair. Great title!


Isn't her saying that aunties are synonymous with being old and unfuckable a bit, well, sexist?


Quote from: phantom_power on January 16, 2022, 10:10:18 AMIsn't her saying that aunties are synonymous with being old and unfuckable a bit, well, sexist?

If she thinks that she needs to watch more porn!!


The weird thing about the sensible economist who inexplicably became HJoyceGender, aside from deploying "f**kable", is this deranged idea that just because you've worked for someone in the past you have to agree with everything they say forever.

They must know how simplistic and dishonest the whole line is. But then, she is a journalist.


Quote from: phantom_power on January 16, 2022, 10:10:18 AMIsn't her saying that aunties are synonymous with being old and unfuckable a bit, well, sexist?

Yes, it's a typical case of the gotcha itself exposing the prejudices of the person attempting to gain from it.

In the case of a TERF what a surprise that they are once again trapped in the narrow constraints of their own self-imposed notions of gender.

"I liken JK Rowling to a GILF and regret the missed opportunity to sling one up her in her prime"


By that logic, anyone who's ever appeared in an adaptation of a Roald Dahl book has to be an antisemite.


The funniest thing is, have any of you seen Rupert Grint being interviewed? He's the shyest, sweetest, most modest, most quiet guy ever. People have theorised he may suffer from social anxiety. So the idea that he's some kind of aggressive lad who wanted to fuck J.K. Rowling when he was younger is so funny to me.